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Want an Easy Fix for Your Vape Juice? Read This!

Vaping can be a relaxing and contemplative experience, a way to take the edge off as you explore some fun flavors. However, there will always be some trouble in paradise. The most common complaint you’ll hear online is that there’s something off with people’s vape juice, and it can ruin their day.

Luckily, you can do plenty of things before you decide to get a new e-liquid or throw your vape pen in the trash. 

Because “something’s wrong” is too vague of an issue to address appropriately, we’re going to look at the most common problems related to vape juice and give you some simple troubleshooting advice.  

Not Enough Flavor and Feel in the Throat

We’ll get a bit technical here, but bear with us. The two major components of an e-liquid that affect the overall experience and the one that gives a stronger throat hit and more intense flavor is Propylene Glycol or PG. 

Look at e-liquids with more PG in them and perhaps a stronger flavor – most featured brands have special e-juices designed for quitting smoking. 

Another common reason for your e-liquid flavors suddenly feeling less intense is the vaper’s tongue. It may just be that you have overloaded your senses to the same flavor, maybe your taste buds are a bit clogged, or you may even have a dry mouth. 

The fix is simple – drink plenty of water, clean your tongue as well when you brush your teeth, and try switching to a different flavor for a while.    

There’s Just Not Enough Vapor 

Here we come to the other big e-liquid component, Vegetable Glycerin or VG, which creates tons of vapor when heated. If your vape juice has a good deal of PG for that intense throat feel and flavor, it will have less VG, which means less vapor. 

Before switching to a higher VG e-liquid, be sure to check whether your battery is low and whether your atomizer and atomizer coil are gunked up. Cleaning your vape pen and keeping the battery charged should ensure massive clouds. 

E-juice Is Leaking from the Vape Pen

There’s a simple to fix, albeit slightly embarrassing reason for getting e-liquid in your mouth, and there are a few common technical issues. The first one is that you might be a bit overzealous with your draws. 

Maybe it’s a new vape pen, or you’re new to the vaping scene, and you don’t quite know how hard to draw. Just take it easy and go slowly, and you won’t have an issue.

As for technical reasons, you can try some of the following:

  • Don’t overfill the tank and keep everything tight, but not too tight
  • Keep your vape pen upright when you’re not using it
  • See if you have the right coil for the specific PG/VG balance you’re using
  • Those little rubber rings may need to be adjusted or replaced
  • Kick your voltage up a notch

Try out some of these, and you’ll solve your problem.

Weird Sounds, Like Gurgling

The gurgling tends to happen when you overfill the tank. Some people like to have it filled to the brim, but you should leave a little bit of air at the top. 

Luckily, it’s an easy fix – pour out the liquid, wash out the tank with some warm water, let it dry, and reassemble. Just be sure not to overfill it next time, and you’re good to go. 

The Flavor is Off or Feels Burnt

Another common complaint is that people get a burnt taste in their mouth when they draw. The first thing you can do is check whether your coil is dry. It would be best if you had enough liquid in the tank so that the vent holes are fully submerged. 

You may also be drawing in quick succession, leaving no time for the vape juice to enter through the holes. In that case, take a few seconds to gaze into the distance between puffs. 

If nothing works, you probably need to replace the coil, but be sure to do the following once you have a new coil inside:

  • Soak the coil with vape juice
  • Allow it to soak for 10 minutes
  • Tighten everything properly
  • Take a few puffs without turning the vape on
  • Take a few puffs at half power

The process above is called “priming the coil,” and it will help your new coil get settled in and start working without a hitch.  

Vaping is best enjoyed at a time of silent contemplation or on a fun night out with friends, and you don’t need any annoying issues to ruin those moments. If you’ve had any of the common issues with your CBD vape juice, the tips above should be able to take care of them, and a bit of maintenance never hurts.

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