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When we interviewed Pro Basketball Player Al Harrington for our spring issue, we were looking forward to a thrilling NBA season. The pandemic closed the courts, but we’ve still got you covered with this exclusive look into Harrington’s transition from baller to businessman. With spring heralding greenery and growth, we shine a spotlight on sustainability with best practices from leaders in the industry. Plus, geneticists share cultivation secrets for more resilient crops. Discover tips for investing, capital raising, and scaling up your business. With CBD trending on every platform, we dissect its potential for treating multiple sclerosis and neurodegenerative disorders. Need more?

This issue also includes:

  • Listen up! Potcasting 101
  • Plucking Data from your Grow Op with Leighton Wolffe
  • Greed, Growth, and Big Business Infiltrates the Industry
  • Cleaner Concentrates? Thanks, Science!
  • Spring’s Sweetest Selection of Products and Gear
  • Still skimming? Start reading!

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