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Discover the Top 25 cannabis products of 2020 and find out who we’ve selected as our “Innovator of the Year” in this special year-end issue. Soulful rock icon Melissa Etheridge shares how she’s staying connected with fans from afar, while Jim Belushi and Wanda James share their insights on social equity. Arcview reveals how to cultivate capital during a crisis and we explore the pros and considerable cons of the MORE Act. Find out how to green your grow with an organic certification and discover the evolving world of lesser cannabinoids. We kick back with Rachael Rapinoe to learn about CBD for athletic recovery. Plus, we explore sustainability, design, and brand architecture in this “Packaging and Retail” double issue. What else you ask?

This issue also includes:

  • Florida’s Medical Marijuana Tech Zone
  • Pending Issues in Legislation
  • Cannabis Delivery Drives Innovation
  • Something Edible with Laurie Wolf
  • The Lighter Side featuring Matt Besser
  • Understanding Photonic Remediation
  • What’s new in the world of CBD for Pets?
  • Innovations in Hemp Packaging
  • Complete Compliance Advice from the Experts

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