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The world of cannabis is growing and sustainable development is possible. Experts in LED lighting, automated cultivation, and socially-responsible investments line the pages of this issue to give you all the insights you need to become an eco-conscious cannabis connoisseur. Discover why actor and comedian Pete Holmes thinks all the best questions are stoner questions. Learn how Jesce Horton founded his unique Oregon dispensary and what sets LOWD apart in a highly competitive marketplace. Lady Liberty’s light is shining a bit brighter in the Empire State since the legalization of recreational cannabis. Find out how New York is ushering in a new era of economic opportunity in this issue’s Tech Zone.
  • One-on-One With Cannabis Comedian Ngaio Bealum
  • Closing the Digital Divide to Create an Equitable Industry
  • The NFL Spends Big on Cannabis Research
  • What’s the Fuss About THC-O?
  • Oh the Places You’ll Grow! Cultivation Tips and Tricks
  • New Regs for Sustainable CBD Sales
  • Plus tasty infused recipes, inspiring profiles, and summer’s hottest events

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