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Redman takes the National Cannabis Party to new heights in the summer issue of Cannabis & Tech Today. In this “Concentrates and Compliance” issue, extract pioneers ArcataX share their secrets for award-winning live resin. Discover how Frenchy Cannoli makes world-renowned hashish and learn from industry experts about regulatory compliance. Dancehall superstar Sean Paul talks cannabis and COVID-19. Need more?

This issue also includes:

  • LGBTQIA+ icon Laganja Estranja’s dishes on Chopped 420
  • Major League Sports Create Access for Athletes
  • Exploring the Effects of Terpenes on Your Body
  • Hemp is Fashion Forward
  • Opening Doors to Higher Education
  • Hot New Products for Consumption, Extraction, and More
  • Innovators and Opportunities in Illinois’ Marijuana Marketplace
  • 10 Cannabis Brands We’d Like to See

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