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Wrestling Superstar Mercedes Varnado is adding “entrepreneur” to her growing list of titles. Discover how Varnado and Kanndela co-founders Emanuel Rodriguez (formerly WWE’s Kalisto), and Abigail Villalpando are bringing CBD to a wider audience in this issue’s cover feature. Need more celebrity news? Mike Tyson and Slightly Stoopid’s Miles Doughty share the challenges and victories of running their own cannabis brands. In this Concentrates and Compliance issue, find tech to keep your operations compliant, innovations in dabbing gear, and infused products to soothe and inspire. Plus, Chef Laurie Wolf offers up another mouth-watering canna-recipe. Hungry for more?
  • New Tech Makes Everything an Edible
  • Summer’s Best New Products
  • A Tornado of Tech in Oklahoma
  • Dab for a Cause With Dip Devices
  • Ten Celebrity Canna-Brands We Would Love to See
  • And More!

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