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Virtual Cannabis Conference Unites Industry During COVID-19

If the success of the Emerge Cannabis Conference & Expo has taught us anything, it’s that technology can only bring us closer. 

An avatar visiting the STM booth at the Emerge Cannabis Conference & Expo.

As we all do our part to stay home during the pandemic, this one-of-a-kind virtual event allowed thousands of attendees to network and talk with their favorite cannabis brands without even having to leave the comfort of their couch.

Spanning over the course of three days, Sept. 8 – Sept. 10, Emerge was a star-studded event filled with celebrity speakers, more than 50 exhibitors and 1,500 attendees enthusiastic about cannabis. 

It didn’t matter whether you dressed for the occasion or arrived in your favorite pajamas. 

Similar to a video game, users were able to create their own, unique avatar to enter the virtual conference. 

There, guests could explore different cannabis companies and engage with inspirational speakers and organizations. 

Jim Belushi speaking at the Emerge Cannabis Conference & Expo.

On Day 1, attendees watched Wanda James, CEO and Founder of Simply Pure Dispensary, speak about the power of women in business.

Day two, the audience returned to hear Jim Belushi break down advocacy and equity in the cannabis industry. 

Networking while distancing seems odd. 

How are you supposed to rate the firmness of someone’s handshake? 

Thankfully, users were able to engage with up to 16 people through messages and calls, making it an authentic social event. 

Sensi Media Group’s booth at the Emerge Cannabis Conference & Expo.

There were even opportunities to partake in a virtual smoke session in cyberspace. 

Emerge was not restricted to one confined space.

In fact, guests could scout three floors of exhibitor booths, where they could then virtually introduce themselves and learn more about the company. 

When they weren’t exploring, there were three organized auditoriums where many attendees could listen to captivating speakers and mingle with one another. 

To wrap up the first two nights, Sensi Media hosted their Re-leaf Concert Series, which had guests dancing until 12:45 a.m. 

The cannabis industry is all about community. 

Whether that’s by giving back, helping those in need or simply sharing a joint with a friend – there’s an inclusive nature of the plant that brings us closer together. 

Emerge was able to successfully create that sense of community in a time where social-distancing is crucial. 

The next Emerge Virtual Cannabis Conference & Expo is sure to bring even more speakers, attendees, and sponsors together for networking, collaborating, and learning.

To read more about the event and start prepping for the next show, visit

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