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Top 25 Most Innovative Cannabis Products of 2021

Each year, our editors pour through products to find the most innovative, interesting, and helpful tech hitting the shelves. For our year-end 2020 issue of Cannabis & Tech Today, the competition was fierce. We whittled down the list to just 25 items for both the industry pro and the cannasseur. Take a look and share your favorites with us on social media @cannatechtoday.

HempLab Inc. CompleTest. Photo courtesy of HempLab Inc.

HempLab Inc. CompleTest – This is the first in-house hemp/cannabis testing device using fluorescent spectroscopy to deliver lab-quality results in under 20 minutes.

It only requires 100 mg of biomass per test and gives results as low as .1% for both CBD and THC. The seamless interface is simple and easy to operate, removing the human error normally associated with portable testing devices.

The device is available in two models: Desktop and Portable. Call for pricing.

Potency Testing Plus by tCheck. Photo courtesy of tCheck.

Potency Testing Plus T-Check – How potent is your butter? Tired of guessing at doses? With the tCheck Potency Testing Plus bundle, the power is in your hands.

Give yourself the gift of lab-grade accuracy for both THC and CBD. Use the accompanying app to check your potency on the go, or get the expansion kit to test flower, concentrates, and more. Base model $280 / Expansion Kit $200

The Armoire by Green Goddess Supply. Photo courtesy of Green Goddess Supply.

The Armoire by Green Goddess Supply – Fast, easy, discreet growing is every connoisseur’s dream. With the Armoire, your dreams are a reality.

The furniture-inspired design allows you to grow anywhere in your home. A no-smell carbon scrubber and quiet filtration system provide odorless, quiet operation that needs just minutes a day to maintain.

Plus, 90-days of complimentary concierge support ensures your grow is as easy as it is stylish. Cherry and Barn Board Finishes $1,395 / Moderne Black $1,595

Green Vault System’s Precision Batcher. Photo courtesy of Green Vault Systems.

Green Vault Systems Precision Batcher – This batcher is designed specifically for the unique qualities of cannabis and is accurate to .01g. Rather than vibration, the Precision Batcher uses patented Air Kush Technology to move flower.

Whether it’s a gram or seven, fill up to 1000 packages an hour while saving money on overpack and labor. Intuitive, precision packaging has never been so easy. $145,000 

ExtractCraft EtOH Pro. Photo courtesy of ExtractCraft.

ExtractCraft EtOH Pro – Ready to make pure, potent oils and concentrates from home?

With a gallon of capacity and just three hours of processing time, this heavy-duty ethanol recovery appliance reclaims 98% of alcohol for re-use and is easy to use for the novice or the expert.

Offer your friends and family something truly special this holiday season with homemade extracts from the heart. $1,999

Natoli Engineering NP-250. Photo courtesy of Natoli Engineering.

Natoli Engineering NP-250 – Now available in three versions, the NP-250 tablet press is fully customizable. Each unit has a three-point gravity feeder, a clutchless variable frequency drive design, and adjustable punch penetration.

With options up to 1,000 tablets per minute, adjustable operating pressures, and variable sizing, this powerhouse press has every angle covered.

Ask about their upgrade options, like a force-feeder, a tablet reject chute, and more. Starting at $67,500

Cookies x G Pen Connect. Photo courtesy of Cookies.

Cookies x G Pen Connect – If you’re tired of getting burned by your dab rig, you’ll love the G Pen Connect. This flameless vaporizer attaches to any glass-on-glass water piece to deliver high-density vapor without a torch and nail.

A ceramic heating element with three adjustable temperature settings creates the perfect draw for every user’s preference. Connect with your concentrates at home or on the go thanks to the included hemp travel pouch. $170

Goodekind Notorious CBG Crumble. Photo courtesy of Goodekind.

Goodekind Notorious CBG Crumble – This one-of-a-kind crumble is the perfect topper for your bowl or as a stand-alone dab.

If you’re looking for a euphoric, cerebral experience without the THC, this 100% hemp, all-organic CBG is just what the doctor ordered.

Enjoy subtle notes of clove, black pepper, and eucalyptus while you relax with a notoriously satisfying concentrate. $40/1g

The Puffco Peak Pro – Puffco’s update to their 2018 Peak is loaded with new features and functions. Wireless Qi charging, auto-sleep functionality, and real-time temperature control offer a new level of convenience and efficiency.

Easily customize heat and LED settings and enable stealth or lantern mode through a Bluetooth-enabled app. With a 40% larger chamber and double the water capacity, the new Peak is truly a Pro experience. $400

Double Happiness by My Bud Vase. Photo courtesy of My Bud Vase.

Double Happiness by My Bud Vase  – Elegant, regal, and discreet, the Double Happiness water pipe is sure to impress.

Stash it on a shelf when the in-laws are in town, or wow your friends with it’s timeless blue-and-white china pattern and large bubble bowl.

This porcelain, double-handed vase will never go out of style. Artificial magnolia arrangement included. $200

Willie’s Remedy Hemp-Infused Tea. Photo courtesy of Willie’s Remedy.

Willie’s Remedy Hemp-Infused Tea – True to Willie Nelson’s unique style, these finely-crafted teas will relax your mind and refresh your palette.

Infused with organically-grown, full-spectrum hemp extract from American farms, Willie’s Remedy is also eco friendly.

Their innovative pyramid tea bags are free from chemicals and plastic, plus they’re completely biodegradable. Now available in five unique flavors. $26

Eminent’s Education Program: Fundamentals of Cannabis Science (Online)  – This engaging program is designed to give budtenders and industry professionals the tools to advise and guide consumers on how to successfully incorporate cannabis into their lifestyle.

Packaged in easy to digest video lessons complete with assessments, learning games, and instructor guidance, Eminent’s courses offer a comprehensive approach to learning. Courses range from $40-100.

Omura Series X – Using proprietary heat-not-burn technology, the Series X preserves terpenes and cannabinoids for a true full-spectrum experience.

Every Series X comes with a pack of 12 Flowersticks, perfectly dosed with .17 grams of whole flower. Never worry about having too much or too little, precision dosing allows users to layer their Flowersticks and achieve the perfect experience every time.

Available in gunmetal, savanna, sand, and rose. $100

Spherex Phyx THC-infused Sparkling Water. Photo courtesy of Spherex.

Spherex Phyx THC-infused Sparkling Water – Why not unwind with a zero-calorie THC treat? Create an elegant non-alcoholic cocktail or savor on its own, there’s no wrong way to enjoy a Phyx.

Feel the effects in just 10 minutes and time your exit perfectly, knowing you’ll be feeling fine in one hour’s time. Available in Grapefruit, Lime, All Natural, and Dragon Fruit flavors. $6/bottle

Ripple QuickSticks by Stillwater. Photo courtesy of Stillwater.

Ripple QuickSticks by Stillwater – Don’t wait for relief. Open a precision-dosed pack of Ripple powder and pour straight onto your tongue for a consistent, fast-acting experience.

Whether you’re seeking a blend of THC and CBD, or a straight dose of either, Ripple has a QuickStick for you.

These single-serving packs are perfect for unwinding, pain management, or just a discreet boost.

Now available in Gingerberry, Blueberry Pom, and Mint Chocolate. $18-25

GRAV Clear Menorah. Photo courtesy of GRAV.

GRAV Clear Menorah – Hanukkah celebrates the miracle of a splash of oil lasting for eight nights, so why not rejoice with eight bowls?

Each 10mm triple-punch bowl feeds into one bubbler chamber.

An angled mouthpiece allows you to clear the whole chamber at once so you’re as lit as the Menorah during your festival of lights. Limited holiday availability. $400

LUFT Duo Air Purifier. Photo courtesy of LUFT Duo.

LUFT Duo Air Purifier – Did you run over a skunk? Don’t let your car smell like a hotbox. With the LUFT Duo air purifier, your car will smell as fresh and clean as the day you bought it.

With a 360-degree air intake and a patented nano-reactor, the Duo creates a chemical reaction using UV LED light, breaking down mold, bacteria, odors, and toxic chemicals. Smoke doesn’t stand a chance against this USB-powered purifier. $149 

RiO Makeover by Stache Products. Photo courtesy of Stache Products.

RiO Makeover by Stache Products – Dab on the go with this portable vaporizer experience.

The RiO’s built-in butane torch evenly heats a 14mm male quartz banger with just the click of a button. The RiO kit comes with a dab tool, carb cap, two silicone plugs for traveling, plus a padded carrying case. $250

Zion Medicinals Spagyric Hemp Oil. Photo courtesy of Zion Medicinals.

Zion Medicinals Spagyric Hemp Oil – This unique blend takes the extraction process a step further, refining and recombining mineral salts from leftover plant material using spagyric alchemy.

The result is an organic, American-sourced hemp extract blended with coconut MCT oil to deliver a powerfully potent tincture. Available in 250mg, 500mg, 750mg, and 1500mg varieties. $50-225

The Cannabis Apothecary. Photo courtesy of Laurie Wolf.

The Cannabis Apothecary by Laurie Wolf – Finally, a comprehensive resource for understanding cannabis and incorporating it into our lives.

For the cannacurious or the cannaconnoisseur, this in-depth and beautifully illustrated guide has everything one might need to know about the versatile plant.

From describing the role of the endocannabinoid system to creating your own extracts, Laurie Wolf’s invaluable book is a must have for the cannabis lover in your life. $35

Care By Design Soft Gels. Photo courtesy of Care By Design.

Care by Design Soft Gels – For Californians who prefer full-spectrum products while avoiding higher levels of THC, these 40:1 CBD-to-THC soft gels are just what the doctor ordered — now with 25% more cannabinoids, including CBDa and THCa. $90.

Care By Design Hemp is available nationally in a variety of formulations, including Rest, Uplift, Calm, and Balanced. $65.

CBD Calming Chews by Paw CBD. Photo courtesy of Paw CBD.

CBD Calming Chews by Paw CBD – These veterinarian-formulated chews were awarded “Dog Calming Product of the Year” by the Pet Independent Innovation Awards and we understand why!

Flavored with real turkey blended with CBD, plus soothing L-Tryptophan, Chamomile, and Passion Flower, these tasty chews are available in three strengths: 150mg, 300mg, and 600mg.

Don’t let separation anxiety slow down your furry friend, give them a calming treat you can both agree on. $30-70

HydraMax by Hydra Unlimited. Photo courtesy of Hydra Unlimited.

HydraMax by Hydra Unlimited – This comprehensive hydroponics system is designed to take your grow to the next level and beyond.

Take the guesswork out of crop maintenance by seamlessly providing the ideal water and nutrients to your plants.

Give yourself the gift of healthier plants and higher yields. Starting at $1,499

Arca Labs Rolling Box. Photo courtesy of Arca Labs.

Arca Labs Rolling Box – Isn’t it time to upgrade your wooden stash box with a stylish, functional alternative?

Keep your greens fresh and lock-away odors with Arca’s magnetic, illuminated rolling box.

A mesh catch screen plus a removable, freestanding V groove makes rolling a breeze. With its 4-part grinder, blunt-nosed scissors, and a built-in paper holder, everything you need for the perfect smoke is at your fingertips. $120  

DoubleBlind Essentials Kit. Photo courtesy of DoubleBlind Magazine.

The DoubleBlind Essentials Kit – DoubleBlind Magazine is leading the charge for the psychedelic movement, offering ground-breaking content from thought leaders around the globe.

This thoughtful bundle includes the publication’s three most recent issues, plus a gold-dipped mushroom pin, a mushroom-laden canvas tote, and two limited edition stickers.

As an added bonus, 10% of proceeds are donated to medical psychedelics research. Don’t trip, it’s only $60.


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