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Top 10 Cannabis Holiday Gift Ideas

Can you believe December is already just around the corner?

While some may argue that it’s too early to start stringing up the lights, I think we all deserve a longer holiday season this year.

What better way to end 2020 than enjoying some high-quality cannabis treats and gifts?

We’ve picked some of our favorite products that will be sure to put your favorite cannabis enthusiast into a proper holi-daze.


Sunday Scaries Gummies :

The tagline for Sunday Scaries is “The Remedy That Makes Life Not So Scary,” which is a perfect fit for these relaxing gummies.

With every one packing 10 MG of CBD, these grown-up gummy bears will help you melt off the stress. $39


The Seed & Smith Dart :

Seed & Smith Dart, a perfect stocking stuffer for the holidays. Photo courtesy of Seed & Smith.

Just because you have a high-end vaporizer doesn’t mean it has to be jam-packed with buttons and extraneous connectivity.

Showcasing an ideal combination of simplicity and quality, the Dart by Seed & Smith lets you hit your vape without breaking the bank. $35




Green Jay E-Lighter :

Green Jay E-lighter. Photo courtesy of Green Jay.

An ideal alternative to the common blowtorch, the Green Jay E-Lighter features a design that’s both sleek and discreet.

Rechargeable, windproof, and fuel-free, this e-lighter is built for the modern cannabis consumer. $17






The Heir Waterpipe :

Photo courtesy of Heir Waterpipes.

Featuring a design that’s modern, efficient, and easy to clean, the Heir Waterpipe completely reimagines the classic glass waterpipe.

Available in white, silver, and gold and utilizing cold-filtered engineering, these waterpipes will enhance your experience and look good doing it. $260






Icky Stick XL :

Icky Stick XL. Photo courtesy of Icky Stick.

A completely anodized metal design helps the Icky Stick XL resist wear and corrosion, proving yet again that quality materials matter.

With twice the herb capacity as the original Icky Stick, the XL remains compact while doubling smoke time. $50




G2 CannaMold :

G2 CannaMold for the cannabis enthusiast in your life this holiday season. Photo courtesy of G2 CannaMold.

Providing a positive alternative from the classic joint, the G2 CannaMold allows you to create a cannagar (cannabis cigar) with ease.

Depending on the size you choose, the CannaMold lets you pack in everywhere from two to 14 grams for an extremely smooth experience. $44-49





TriBeauty CBD Collagen Boosting Serum :

TriBeauty CBD Collagen Boosting Serum. Photo courtesy of TriBeauty.


Helping your skin to naturally produce collagen, the TriBeauty CBD Collagen Boosting Serum is packed with effective ingredients such as cannabidiol, hyaluronic acid, and vitamin B5.

Providing tone, hydration, and protection to the skin, this CBD-enhanced serum belongs in your beauty routine. $70




Mountain High Suckers :

Photo courtesy of Mountain High Suckers.

A tasty take on the classic edible, Mountain High Suckers offer THC-infused lollipops in flavors such as cinnamon, caramel apple, and butterscotch toffee.

Additionally, the company has partnered with comedian Josh Blue to integrate his favorite strain, Blue Dream, into an exclusive flavor, “Josh Blue’s Dream.” Prices vary









Tom’s Tumbler Python :

Tom’s Tumbler Python. Photo courtesy of Tom’s Tumbler.

Showcasing the ability to process 500 pounds of material each hour, the Python has a higher capacity than any other dry trimmer on the market.

The high quality trimmer uniquely doesn’t utilize blades, and stands out from the competition for its quiet operation and easy approachability. Price TBA



Mary Jane on Main Street CBD Starter Kit :

Mary Jane on Main Street CBD Starter Kit Starter Kit. Photo courtesy of Mary Jane on Main Street.

Everything you need in one convenient package, the Mary Jane on Main Street CBD Starter Kit is perfect for CBD newcomers and veterans alike.

Containing CBD balm, chocolate, coffee, honey, a tincture, and more, this starter kit is the ideal wellness gift. $567.95



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