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Top 25 Cannabis Products for 2020

Going into 2020, there are plenty of products that you should have your eye on. From cannabis infusers and high-tech vaporizers to CBD drinks and muscle salves, we’re bringing you the top 25 products you should consider in 2020.

Gofire Alternative Health Suite

Finding the ideal cannabis product for your needs isn’t always easy, and that’s why Gofire created their dose-measuring vaporizer and app. Ensure consistent results, learn from the online cannabis community, and enhance your health. $299





WYLD CBD Sparkling Water

With 25MG in each can, WYLD Sparkling Water quenches your thirst and your CBD needs in packs of four, 12, and 24. WYLD spent years preparing its robust flavors, from blood orange to blackberry. $20-85




Mission Farms CBD Joint and Muscle Gels

If you’ve just gone on an intense hike or are feeling general aches and pains, you’ll want quick, effective relief. Mission Farms CBD Joint and Muscle Gels mixes cooling and warming effects to ease muscles, reduce pain, and soothe inflammation. $40-70


AVD Eazy-Press Cartridge

The most state-of the art cartridge available, the AVD Eazy Press Glass Cartridge is ideal for fast, high quality filling and capping. With no arbor press needed and a tamper proof, low-torque locking system, get ready to revolutionize how you think about cartridges. Prices vary.





Firefly 2+

The next evolution of the celebrated line of vaporizers, the Firefly 2+ combines dual touch sensors, breath activation, and a new airflow system to deliver a truly top-tier vaping experience. Showcasing advanced heating tech and a design featuring the same high-end alloys utilized on NASA ships, the Firefly 2+ is truly out of this world. $249



Stratos CBD 750 Isolate Tablets

Selected as an Approved Product by the Realm of Caring, Stratos and their isolate tablets are bringing pharmaceutical-grade quality to the cannabiz. With tablets available in either 10mg or 25mg doses, Stratos CBD 750 Isolate Tablets are ideal for precision pain relief. $68

Arcanum Sarco Skin

With New Year’s coming and a new gym membership on the way, you’ll want a way to recharge. Utilizing menthol and CBD to enhance performance and recovery through increased blood flow, Sarco Skin by Arcanum deserves a place in your gym bag. $30 (8 pack)



TribeTokes Phoenix Quartz Crystal Pipe

Just because you love CBD flower doesn’t mean you’re a fan of using paper. Thanks to the sleek Phoenix Quartz Crystal Pipe, your CBD needs will be filled in an efficient, eye-catching manner. $40



Kalvara Cannabis Cocktail

Get the perfect dose of cannabis by utilizing the Kalvara Cannabis Cocktail Infusion Technology. Providing amazing bioavailability as well as fast-paced onset, this innovative kit will have you rethinking how you intake cannabis. Prices vary



Futurola Super Shredder

Designed for speed and efficiency, the Futurola Super Shredder is able to shred through and remove the stems from three pounds of cannabis in a mere seven seconds. Simple to clean and able to create ideal consistency for use with the Futurola Knockbox 2 for pre-roll cones, the Futurola Super Shredder is an extremely intuitive piece of equipment. $6,000



TribeTokes Disposable CBD Vape Pen

First-time CBD vaporizer users may find it difficult to find a place to start. The TribeTokes Disposable CBD Vape Pen gives you everything you need right in the box, letting you start your CBD routine immediately. $60





SkinKick Dope Kick Duo

If your New Year’s resolution included clearer skin, you may want to consider incorporating CBD. The Skinkick Dope Kick Duo reinvigorates your skin in two simple steps, starting with the Daily Exfoliant Cleanser and finishing with the Dope Kick Lotion. $50




With the MIQCRO, DaVinci has taken the loose leaf vaporizer to the next level. The most compact premium vaporizer around, the DaVinci Miqro brings quality vaping with you wherever you go. $120







Make infusing simple and convenient with the LEVO II, the ideal product for infusing oil and butter with everything from fruits to herbs. With connectivity to the LEVO app, three separate cycles, and dishwasher safe components, the LEVO II will be a welcome addition to your kitchen counter. $350






Getting a good night’s sleep is as easy as taking a dropper full of PūrSlēp before bedtime. Gluten free, alcohol free, and vegan, with oil derived from cannabinoids such as CBN, CBG, and CBD, PūrSlēp is the ultimate holistic sleep solution. $12 (1-Night Sample Pack) $170 (1500mg 1 oz Tincture)



PurWell Peppermint Tincture

Filled with organic essential oils, organic MCT oil, and whole plant hemp oil, the Purwell Peppermint Tincture are pharmacist formulated and rich in beneficial cannabinoids. Perfectly peppermint flavored for the holiday season, this tincture belongs in your stocking. $50

Seven7h Sense CBD Deep Relief Cream

Seven7h Sense’s CBD-infused Deep Relief Cream provides hydration along with relief for aching joints and muscles. Utilizing an ideal combination of CBD, arnica, and menthol, this  Deep Relief Cream offers a cooling sensation without a greasy texture. $35





The Widgett Extraction System

The Widgett Extraction system utilizes a cryogenic solid-liquid extractor that is simple and inexpensive to operate with no winterization or filtration required. The system works with various solutions, and solvent can be stripped directly from the product flask for reuse. Suitable for residential, lab, and commercial use. Prices vary on size.






Eliminating secondhand smoke in a discreet manner, the PHILTER Phlip silicone sleeve attaches a proprietary filter to most popular stick and pen vaporizers. All you need to do is inhale from your vaporizer, flip, and exhale into the filter for an odorless, smokeless experience. $30



Fritsch Pulverisette 11

The Pulverisette 11 allows users to homogenize samples for analysis. Cryogenic grinding option reduces difficult to grind edibles, biomass, and isolates into a homogenous, representative powder. Programmable SOP’s. Higher accuracy, sample integrity, uniformity, repeatability. Mitigate cross contamination, reduce cleaning. Grinding sets and knife variations. Dishwasher and autoclave safe or single use. Ensure user/sample safety. Prices vary.



USA Hemp CBD Flower

Just because you enjoy CBD doesn’t mean you have to vape or use tinctures. Available in California Dream, Wild Bourbon, and Golden Redwood, USA Hemp CBD Flower gives you the choice between relieving stress, easing pain, and clearing your mind. $20-30



The TRIMPRO DRYPRO is designed specifically for drying flowers before trimming. With the product’s adjustable-speed motor, leaves are trimmed by stainless steel grates, with a trimming capacity (up to 12lbs/h) that makes it one with the best on the market. Its angled construction and latched front gate make retrieval extremely simple, allowing perfectly trimmed flowers to exit the upper cylinder while the machine is still running. $4,950




Make & Mary Roll On

Headaches, cramps, and joint issues can seriously affect your daily wellness. With this fragrant Roll On, available in rosemary lavender and tumeric ginger,  Make & Mary’s calming, soothing formula promotes wellness through full spectrum CBD. $42







Harvest Gold Organics Premium Soil Conditioner

Harvest Gold Organics Premium Soil Conditioner’s incredible natural properties help produce high-yielding, stronger, and more vibrant plants while protecting against mold and disease. This USDA certified organic mineral-rich silica works by improving soil health and structure, while holding water, fertilizer, and essential nutrients where they’re needed most: at the roots. $20



TriBeauty CBD Infused Eye Cream

Anyone tired of puffiness, dark circles, and wrinkles needs to incorporate TriBeauty CBD Infused Eye Cream into their beauty routine. Under-eye bags and crow’s feet are no match for this anti-aging, high-quality cream. $60



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