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How Automated Batching Makes Processing Cannabis Simple

Working in cannabis processing is stepping foot into a young, blossoming industry.

No matter how much flower your company goes through in processing, automated batching will ultimately improve net value.

Before choosing automation, a company can struggle with time management and precision when doing every step by hand.

Automated batching cuts time, makes measurements precise every time, reduces product loss, and increases quality.

All these things combined will pay for the automated instrument.

Prior experience is a big plus when finding a company to purchase from.

Washington-based company, Green Vault Systems (GVS) has a combined 65 years of experience in both the food and agriculture industries.

The experience and advanced technology they bring to the cannabis flower processing industry is shown in their well-designed processing equipment.

GVS offers professional solutions to assist in the reduction of labor costs, increase in yields, and improvement of overall product quality.

Green Vault Systems

The company is all about minimizing costs and maximizing gains while keeping it simple and streamlining production to ensure businesses associated with them can reach their full potential.

GVS provides automatic weighing and size-sorting equipment, packaging lines, water treatment systems, vertical drying rack systems, and other technologies.

On top of their products, GVS offers customers service on their machinery.

Customers can schedule annual preventive maintenance and the GVS teams will ensure everything is working properly so companies can get the most from their investment. 

GVS also offers consultations to assist in finding how to maximize value within the customer’s organization.

The GVS team will help develop solutions that will set their customers apart from the competitors no matter what size the production scale is.

This includes some training on how to use the machine as well.

How The Precision Batcher Works

Green Vault System’s Precision Batcher. Photo courtesy of Green Vault Systems.

Green Value System’s Precision Batcher is their most popular and innovative machine for batching and packaging dried cannabis flower.

Made from stainless steel and non-corrosive food-approved materials, the Precision Batcher uses technology that gently puffs air to move the product rather than the typical vibration method.

They call this Air Kush Technology.

This process assists in the preservation of trichomes on the flower which mean a higher potency, better market price, and better consumer experiences that live up to GVS’s high standards.

The Precision Batcher is specifically designed as a weight batcher for the cannabis industry.

The machine delivers high-tolerance capacities that help with product value and reduction of labor at the same time. 

The machine allows for tight tolerances when batching, it has a weighing resolution of 0.01 grams.

For example, setting the machine to do one gram batches, each one will fall between 1.01 and 1.04, something that is virtually impossible to achieve when working by hand no matter how much focus one has. 

The Precision Batcher can produce over 20 batches of dried flower per minute.

This allows customers to reduce their labor costs while increasing the efficiency of the process.

Customers who add the Precision Batcher into their system should expect to have paid for the machine within six months to a year depending on how much weight is moved through it.

Because the machine can complete 800 to 1000 units per hour, six months to a year is definitely feasible. 

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