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Top Vape Design Trends for 2021

There are so many amazing vaporizers to choose from, deciding on one can be challenging.

While the vaporizer industry has continued to evolve over the years, each year is met with something new.

Whether it be a new product, device, or vaping style, each year manufacturers introduce something new to the public.

From batteries and atomizers to e-liquid flavors, the vaping industry seems to evolve constantly and 2020 certainly hasn’t been any different.

Haze Smokeshop is seeing all the most popular designs in vaporizers and is passing their expertise on to you! 

Smaller is Better

One of the biggest 2020 design trends in vaporizers that we saw was a shift towards a preference for smaller and more discreet devices.

Initially, e-cigarettes were significant and easily noticeable.

Technology, however, has changed this and the vaporizers of today seem to be getting smaller and smaller.

Companies that manufacture vaporizers have been increasingly expected to come up with even smaller devices to suit the preferences of their target consumer as this audience prefers discretion.

What’s more, it is expected that these new, smaller devices will be much more portable than what’s available in the current market.

The popularity of vaping devices such as Juul increased in 2019 and this was largely due to the fact that they were small, slim, and had a USB-like design.

Not only were they easy to carry in your pocket, but they could be used discreetly.

For this reason, it is highly expected that this trend will continue and with small devices such as Dr. Dabber’s Stella Vaporizer being small and slim, it’s clear that this is one of the most popular options for vapers. 

Smartphone Integration is a Must

While some vapers look for the best nicotine salt e-liquid and flavors, others are far more impressed by the innovativeness to be found in today’s technology.

The vaping industry has recently seen some huge improvements in its products in respects to technology.

Companies that manufacture vaporizers have recognized a preference for the use of innovative technologies and smartphone integration is now considered a must among consumers. 

Many vaporizers today are fitted with features such as Bluetooth for easy communication between smartphone and vaporizer.

Vvapers should continue to look out for more advances in this design trend for vaporizers going into 2021. 

The Rise of Nicotine Salt Devices

Another 2020 design trend in vaporizers is the rise of nicotine salt devices.

Nicotine salt is not “salty,” rather, “salt” is a scientific definition that refers to the fact that these salts are produced with a base and acid reacts.

Primarily, nicotine salts are composed of pure nicotine, which is the base, as well as different acids.

Other tobacco products do not contain nicotine salts. 

The best nicotine salts lower the pH level of the nicotine solution.

Not only does it provide a smoother hit to the throat with high nicotine levels but these salts also provide a nicotine buzz similar to that of a cigarette hit.

This is most beneficial to a person who wants to stop smoking cigarettes.

Nicotine salts have become an increasingly popular thing for vapers in the last few months and, for this reason, many manufacturers are prioritizing the design of nicotine salt compatible devices.

This is something we expect to see to continue well into the next year. 

Vape Pens and Vape Pods are King

After first generation e-cigarettes failed to influence their target audience (old smokers), manufacturers launched a more revised design that resembled a pen, although they were much larger than actual pens.

This larger size helped to accommodate additional features and, subsequently, led to the introduction of USB-like vape pens. 

Vape pens are king in 2020 and this is a huge design trend that we expect to see continue for a variety of reasons.

For one, these pen-styled devices are known for offering a better battery life and a more powerful vaping experience.

Equipped with bigger tanks, called clearomizers, as well as batteries, these devices are known for lasting for up to three days, something that has been well-received by the general vaping market.

Pod vapes have also become particularly popular this year.

These devices act as a bridge between cig-a-likes and mods, the most powerful devices capable of producing large clouds.

While high-end users prefer mods, users that are transitioning from cig-a-likes to more serious vaping tend to prefer pod vapes.

This is a design trend we expect to continue seeing well into next year. 

The Best Vaporizers of 2020

Now that you are aware of some of the top 2020 design trends in vaporizers, you’re likely ready to pick up a vaporizer for yourself! 

Some vaporizers to check out this year include Dr. Dabber’s new Stella vaporizer, the Puffco Peak Pro, the Mighty, the Seed & Smith Dart, the Utillian 722, and the Crafty+ vaporizer.

Knowing some of the biggest design trends in vaporizers for 2020, you can keep up with the ever-changing vaporizer market in 2021 and ensure you get the best of the best!


  • Joe Hagbusch is an expert in reviewing vaping products and has been writing cannabis-related articles since 2017. Joe is leading the content management team for Haze Smoke Shop.

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