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How to Find Certified CBD and CBG Hemp Seeds

For those of you who have not yet come across Sunbelt Hemp, they are a group of like-minded individuals who come from two sides of a similar but very different industry, the Cannabis/Hemp business. A group of mainstream agricultural farmers who have turned to the world of hemp and have then aligned themselves with the best cannabis-seed geneticists to create the entity that is Sunbelt Hemp.

With 100 combined years of agricultural practices combined with 30 years of European and Californian cannabis breeding, Sunbelt has formed a powerful alliance. Their European geneticists have developed many of the THC-based strains that have become household names, infamous within the global cannabis community.

Turning their talents to the global hemp industry, the genetics that Sunbelt are now able to supply outperform anything else we have seen grown in the USA as low-THC hemp.

We have witnessed first-hand these genetics in the field and in the greenhouse; it is impossible to tell that it isn’t a very high-yielding THC cannabis plant. The buds are rock hard, and the smell offers a rich terpene profile. For a smokable hemp crop, we have seen nothing that even comes close.

Unless you’ve been involved in the industry for many years, you likely have never seen a plant that produces 10lb+ of bud unless you are connected in either NorCal, Oregon, or Colorado; they do exist! Sunbelt’s genetics can produce a 10lb+ plant (of dry trimmed bud) that is certified as hemp with a high CBD profile and very low THC content (if harvested correctly).

Grown correctly these seeds can turn into monster plants. The largest yielding Goliath strain they grew in Spain in 2019 produced 5.5kg (12.12lb) of hand trimmed dried bud (California style trimmed) off a single plant.

Sunbelt have been creating some truly astounding hemp genetics for the North American market over the past five years and now have six varieties that are stable, pathogen resistant, give a uniform crop, have very low total THC, and are 100 percent feminized.

The group have had multiple third-party testing done regarding the seeds and the germination ratio is always over 98 percent and the feminization tests are coming back at a staggering 100 percent every time. The fem rate is hardly surprising as part of the group are the geneticists who developed the first stable feminized cannabis seeds.

Sunbelt Hemp have taken things a step further in trying to help the struggling farmers across North America. Farmers have repeatedly been sold sub-standard seeds that have poor germination rates, have been sold seed as 100 percent feminized but end up with a crop full of males, sold ‘high yielding’ seed that only produces 1-2 pounds of flower per plant.

All of that is about to change as Sunbelt Hemp now have the first certified CBD hemp and CBG hemp strains in North America.

Farmers will now know that the seed they are buying is exactly what they requested: quality feminized hemp seed.

Sunbelt have been working very closely with the Georgia Crop Improvement Association and Association of Official Seed Certifying Agencies (AOSCA), which is the only recognized seed certification agency in the USA and has a body in 44 states.

After a very lengthy process, Sunbelt has the approval of both bodies and now the seed and plugs/starts that Sunbelt produces will be verified as stable, uniform, and certified by these authorities. 

Each bag of seeds will have a certified seed from GCIA (Georgia Crop Improvement Association member of AOSCA), a blue tag sticker that includes a lot number, variety, kind, germ test, where it was grown, plus more details. This is the verification that the seeds inside are authentic, certified, high-yielding CBD or CBG Sunbelt Hemp strains.

At last, the wild west era that has plagued the American hemp industry for the past few years is coming to an end. Certified, stable genetics are now here and will be a game changer for this industry.

Farmers rejoice, Sunbelt Hemp are here to help. Not only are they providing real, solid genetics approved by AOSCA, but they are also offering consultation services to farmers to help them get the best return from their crop. Sunbelt want farmers to be safe in the knowledge that the crop they grow is the end result they were hoping for and not a field of substandard schwag. Sunbelt are farmers working for farmers.



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