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Data Regarding Cannabis Use During Pregnancy Produces Mixed Results 

One of the most controversial and sensitive topics when it comes to cannabis is cannabis use during pregnancy. That is true regardless of what country someone is in.

All responsible parents (or soon to be parents) want to do what is best for their child. That, of course, is coupled with doing what is best for pregnant mothers’ health as well.

After all, the overall health of the pregnant mother is a major factor in determining the overall health of the developing baby.

For many years it was generally accepted that any cannabis use during pregnancy was bad. However, a growing body of evidence is calling that absolutist position into question.

Data Analysis Shows Mixed Results

Researchers at Ohio State University College of Medicine analyzed data regarding maternal cannabis exposure and the risk of premature birth (prior to 37 weeks of pregnancy).

While the study was based in Ohio, the results of the study are useful all over the planet given the fact that pregnant mothers all over the world may periodically use cannabis.

The study involved 363 women that were determined to be at ‘high risk of having a preterm birth.’

For that particular study, researchers concluded that, “Marijuana use was not associated with total preterm birth in this cohort, suggesting that among women already at high risk of preterm birth, marijuana does not increase risk further.”

However, a different recent study out of John Hopkins University in collaboration with the Boston University School of Medicine found conflicting information.

In that particular study researchers found that cannabis use was associated with an increased risk of preterm birth.

Both studies called for further research on the subject.

Mothers Need To Seek Medical Advice

For many mothers, cannabis is used for medical purposes. It was used leading up to pregnancy, and it is still needed for treatment purposes during pregnancy.

Some mothers can refrain from consuming cannabis, however, that is simply not realistic for certain mothers that suffer from serious health conditions.

If they do not use medical cannabis, then they will likely have to take some other form of medication that could be far more harmful, or go without medication altogether.

Each situation is unique, and pregnant mothers need to rely on advice and guidance from a certified medical professional.

A good doctor will be objective about the situation and consider all facets, including harm reduction techniques such as refraining from cannabis use.

If you are a pregnant mother, know that there are studies that show results for both sides of the argument. 

The jury is largely still out on the subject, thus it is vital to seek advice and guidance from a professional medical expert rather than relying on anecdotal or conflicting evidence.


  • Johnny Green is the Media and Content Director for the International Cannabis Business Conference and has blogged about cannabis since January 2010.

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