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What Are CBD Crystals?

While CBD oil is made with some kind of base oil or carrier oil, CBD crystals differ in the sense that they are completely pure and isolated forms of cannabidiol – a naturally occurring chemical compound of the cannabis plant.

It stands for cannabidiol.

It’s one of the hundreds of other compounds which is why it needs to be extracted from the raw plant material first before it can be used for making products like oils, powders, edibles, tinctures, crystals, etc. 

Most of the time, CBD is derived from Industrial Hemp plants such as IHF LLC hemp.

These plants are cultivated specifically with the goal of maintaining the least possible amount of THC in order to avoid the product from causing any psychoactive properties.

Upon extraction, the CBD resin is left as it is; meaning it is processed with a bunch of other plant compounds.

This is the part where CBD crystals differ from any other CBD product.

CBD crystal manufacturing is a little different. It aims to separate the purest CBD resin derived from the plant material.

What that means is that all the other chemical compounds are removed leaving behind cannabidiol in the purest white, clear-ish crystalline solid form.

That is the reason why it’s called CBD crystal.

How to Dose CBD Crystals?

Please remember that CBD crystals are extremely pure (up to 99% pure). Therefore, they can be rather potent.

The exact dosage will depend on what kind of results you expect.

Since every person is different, each person has to experiment a little to decide which dosage is good for him/her.

You can start with as low as 1 milligram and keep on adding to it gradually.

You can play between 1-10 milligram to see which one works for you.

1 gram of crystal usually contains about 990 milligrams of CBD.

That means, for each 1 mg of dosage, you are getting precisely that much CBD.

This makes it super easy to know for sure, exactly how much CBD you are getting into your system with each dose.

At first, it may seem intimidating, but do not worry.

Since CBD does not cause any kind of high, you do not have to worry about sudden euphoria or passing out.

Just be careful with initial dosing.

Different Methods of Consumption:

Put into edibles 

Crystals are highly versatile.

You can add them to a host of edibles and cook with them however your heart desires.

CBD crystals can be added to sweets, brownies, cookies, or you can sprinkle them on your coffee and tea.

You can bake pasta with it or sprinkle it like parmesan cheese on the top.

All of these are super tasty and incredible ways to get CBD into your system.


Dabbing is the big boy on the block.

It’s particularly popular among young adults.

But, even the older generation that wants to use CBD for its anti-inflammatory and pain management properties is now experimenting with dabbing.

For dabbing purposes, you will need to also invest in a quality dab rig.

That means, having to spend some extra bucks. So, do see if you’re willing to make that investment.

Add to a Therapeutic Cream 

A lot of people are into therapeutic creams and healing.

The market is right now loaded with creams that are supposed to be helpful in easing local pains, etc.

By adding crystals to such topical creams, you can amplify those therapeutic effects.

More and more people are enjoying the benefits of such creams which could help you with relief from sore muscles and joint pains.

Turn into CBD oil

Although CBD oil is available in the market rather easily, a growing number of people are choosing to make their own homemade CBD oil.

You too can make it by infusing crystals into some base oil like coconut or MCT oil.

This DIY route gives you peace of mind that not only the product is 100% natural and trusted, but it also gives you the freedom to add your own ingredients.

You don’t have to blindly rely on other brands for the purity of the product.

Vape It

This is a bonus point.

Although vaping CBD crystals is not the hottest menu item, you can choose this route if your heart desires.

For vaping, you will need to sprinkle some into your vape mod cartridge or vape pen (be sure not to pick a dry herb vaporizer).

Turn the device on and you’re now ready to start inhaling these crystals.

What Are the Benefits of Using CBD Crystals?

It contains zero THC.

CBD is not the psychoactive compound from the cannabis plant.

It’s THC. Being THC-free, there’s no way you will ever get high from the crystals.

You could even get drug tests done after consuming full-spectrum CBD OIL, and the results will come out negative.

While most CBD oils will have some traces of THC, crystals are completely free from it.

CBD Crystal is Tasteless and Odorless

Part of the reason that marks CBD crystals such a versatile product is that it’s completely odorless and tasteless.

That is why you can add it to so many different foods and completely conceal the taste.

Final Thoughts

CBD crystal is currently the purest form of cannabidiol you can get your hands on in the market.

Being THC-free is just one of the highlights.

If you had to do a quick research online about CBD, you would mostly find oils.

This is due to the high demand for these oils. But, as we already saw, crystals have so much to offer. 

They are highly potent and packed with anti-inflammatory properties.

Most importantly, you can customize them to your liking.

Cook with it, bake it with, sprinkle it on foods, or turn it into a DIY oil; the options are plentiful.

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