The Most Effective Cannabis Growing Technologies of 2020

Data for recent years show a steady climb in the global cannabis market. More and more countries have decided to go green and legalize cannabis in order to weaken the illicit market strength and help the economy. To grow, sell, and distribute the best products, manufacturers use lots of modern technologies. It doesn’t only help them to stay competitive in today’s market, but it also helps to optimize the production process.

A lot of people grow marijuana at home for recreational or medical purposes, or perhaps they have a chance to drop by a 24-hour dispensary to purchase their cannabis of choice. In the countries where it is legal, companies have the same growing processes but just on a large scale with improved technology. Let’s take a look at a number of trends that have taken hold in the cannabis industry:

Led Fixtures 

Cannabis fans have been using light-emitting diodes for years. However, LED fixtures look much different these days. For example, programmable LED fixtures can give more control during the growing process than any other technology. 

Almost all fixtures have light-sensing equipment inside that helps to coordinate the output and maintain a set routine. Some of the best cannabis companies in the United States use this technology to improve the quality of their products as well as their revenues.

Also, programmable fixtures allow marijuana fans to create light recipes that can help the strains to grow. With the help of this technology, cultivators can mimic sunrise, sunset, and even midday lighting. Needless to say, it allows growers to take care of their products anywhere in the world. The best thing is that anyone can get this technology for personal use. 

This technology can help inexperienced growers to get precise results.

Other than that, big companies connect other technologies to LED fixtures in order to improve the whole growing process. For example, lots of modern fixtures have microprocessors, WiFi capability, and an application programming interface (API). 

CO2 Enrichment

Another way to craft a quality product is CO2 enrichment. Some have claimed that CO2 enrichment is not safe. However, CO2 systems can easily be integrated into ventilation control and help grow cannabis at a much faster rate. Many big companies use CO2 enrichment to cultivate more robust crops.

In-Put Based Controls

One of the most popular trends in the cannabis industry is input-based control. It has been used in greenhouses for years and made a comeback in 2020. The system can help growers to easily control environmental sensors. Data-driven and input-based tools make all necessary adjustments to the systems so they won’t let the owner down.

When integrating in-put based controls, the system allows growers to meet all requirements and get the best product. The thing is that this modern system is quite versatile, which means it can be matched with any type of greenhouse and grow room. Moreover, in-put based control can be applied along with all kinds of greenhouse technologies. No matter what the stage of development is, the crops will be kept in the ideal environment. 

Other than that, in-put based controls can allow the owners to step away from the process for some time without worrying about the possible failure in the whole system.

Each year, controls become more advanced. Even at this point, growers don’t need to engage so much in the process. The technology does a lot while keeping the owners updated. For instance, they can get important data in a number of graphs and charts. Quite possibly, in the near future, the growing process will be 100 percent managed by software. 

This technology is mostly used by cannabis companies, while people who grow their plants at home overlook this opportunity because of the price. Many growers still avoid getting advanced control systems due to their complexity. 

For big companies, such technology is pretty convenient since it can save tons of money on labor costs in the long run. It seems like the future is already here.

The Bottom line

Technology has already been transforming the cannabis industry by boosting its innovation. Manufacturers come up with new, exciting ideas to make sure every customer finds something to suit their preferences. That’s how cannabis vaping devices, dosed inhales, and transdermal patches appeared on the market.

Technology takes the industry to a new level, disrupting existing practices and elevating the industry as a whole. This year is sure to herald big changes, fantastic innovations, and new technologies that will surprise both cannabis enthusiasts and industry professionals.


  • Michelle Miller is a Florida-based writer and graduate of UF College of Journalism and Communications, Gainesville, FL. She's been writing about Cannabis since 2014. When not writing about cannabis, she enjoys hiking to new places and playing Guitar. Contact: Instagram: @cbdoilbenefits

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