Our Top Cannabis Products of March 2020

This March, we’re giving you our latest top products, including everything from CBD bath bombs and vapes to pain cream and face moisturizer.

Sensi Chew

With the delicious taste of the candy aisle combined with numerous health benefits, Sensi Chew’s cannabis-infused chocolate caramels offer a variety of benefits with both THC and CBD options. With edibles designed for everything from energy and pain relief to relaxation and arousal, Sensi Chew allows you to self-care while pleasing your sweet tooth. Prices vary.


Pinnacle Hemp D’Nish Vapeables

Packing 300mg of CBD into a 60ml bottle, Pinnacle Hemp’s D’Nish Vapeables provide a flavorful vaping experience. With an array of different flavors including Thai Dream (lemongrass milk cake), Tradewinds (fruit medley), and Oasis (hibiscus/prickly pear sorbet), these juices fulfill your CBD needs with unique flavors. $50


Seven7h Sense Skincare CBD Daily Face Moisturizer

Everyone deserves a nature-enhanced product for their skincare routine. Utilizing 100 percent hemp-derived CBD to provide a relaxing effect, the CBD Daily Face Moisturizer by Seven7h Sense gives your skin a stunning, healthy glow. $24.50


TribeTokes CBD Vape Starter Kit: The Mini

Ideal for anyone looking for a convenient mobile vaping experience, the Mini TribeTokes CBD Vape Starter Kit allows you to take your CBD on the go. Showcasing a travel-ready design that’s easy on the eyes, this starter kit includes everything you need to vape CBD outside the home. $75



REDWOOD Reserve Pure Hemp Flower Smokes

Despite resembling a traditional pack of cigarettes, these natural, non-addictive smokes are completely unique. Filled with nothing more than one hundred percent pure, organic hemp, Redwood Reserve allows users to relieve their stress quick and chemical-free. $20 (MSRP) $15 (Wholesale)


Alpha Packaging CRC-Compatible Jars

When you’re marketing your cannabis product, your packaging’s sustainability and child-resistance are two essential topics. Composed of recyclable materials, the CRC-Compatible Jars by Alpha Packaging are environmentally conscious and ethically child-resistant. Prices vary.


Select CBD Vape Pens

Combining unique flavors such as grapefruit, lavender, and spearmint with the mission to revive, relax, and focus, Select CBD’s easy-to-use vapes are an ideal way to enter the world of CBD vaping. Providing 1-2mg of CBD with each 3-second puff, these simple, stylish vaporizers offer a quick, effective solution for your CBD needs. $40 


Eyce X Puffco Peak Attachment

If you own a PuffCO Peak vaporizer, your experience won’t be complete without the intuitive Eyce X attachment. With increased durability, easy cleaning, and more flavor-filled vaping, the Eyce X will take you to the next level. Price TBA





Firefly 2+

The next evolution of the celebrated line of vaporizers, the Firefly 2+ combines dual touch sensors, breath activation, and a new airflow system to deliver a truly top-tier vaping experience. Showcasing advanced heating tech and a design featuring the same high-end alloys utilized on NASA ships, the Firefly 2+ is truly out of this world. Price TBA




TRIBERevive CBD-Infused Pain Cream

Whether you’re suffering from swollen joints or sore muscles, TRIBERevive Pain Cream combines CBD, coconut oil, Vitamin E, aloe vera, and more to provide effective numbing relief. Lacking the “greasy” feeling of many other pain creams, TRIBERevive’s unique wellness product belongs in your medicine cabinet. $50




St. Bernie’s Gel Caps

While the company is known more for their handmade CBD gum, St. Bernie’s offers a number of other health-conscious products such as their Gel Caps. Ideal for getting your fix quickly and discreetly, St. Bernie’s Gel Caps deserve to be in your CBD arsenal. $40 (10mg) $50 (25mg)


Yudah CBD Bath Bombs

Considering the incredible amount of products CBD can be included in, it should come as no shock that bath bombs are the next frontier. Coming in varieties like cherry almond and wild passion to black raspberry vanilla and (the interestingly named) “monkey farts,” these bath bombs allow you to customize your revitalizing bath experience. $10



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