Our Top Products for January 2020

It’s a new year and you want to start it off right. With the new year comes new cannabis products, and here we are highlighting some of our favorite for January 2020. From CBD coffee to high-tech vapes, we’re listing our favorite products right now!

Agnetix A3

With its liquid cooling for energy efficiency and full-spectrum lighting that outshines LED fixtures and lamps, the Agnetix A3 provides high-quality lighting. IoT-compatible thanks to its PoE and USB ports, the A3 can also collect plant data for cultivators. Visit for pricing info.

Full Spectrum CBD Ground Coffee

Forget the sugar and cream, CBD is coffee’s new best friend thanks to Pinnacle Hemp’s Full Spectrum CBD Ground Coffee. With 10mg of CBD for each tablespoon, you’ll look forward to your morning cup of joe even more.  $35   


STM Revolution

Designed with mass production in mind, the STM Revolution can maintain a continuous feed for sustained, efficient grinding. With two different interchangeable particle screens for pre-rolls and extraction alike, as well as a food-grade stainless steel blade, the Revolution truly lives up to its name. $12,500

Zeus Arc GT

A dry herb vaporizer constructed with efficiency in mind, the Zeus Arc GT utilizes a gold vapor path and gold chamber for superior performance. Three temperature cycles, upgradable firmware, and even an accelerometer, this vaporizer from Zeus is truly fit for a deity. $229

Utillian 721

High quality convection heating, sixty minutes of battery life, and a simple, one-button design showcases the thoughtful elegance of the Utillian 721. Sleek, portable, and easy to use, this award-winning device is ideal for the vaping enthusiast on the go. $126

CBD Luxe Inhaler

The CBD Luxe Inhaler allows you to choose not only the taste of your CBD experience, but what effect you’d like it to have. With flavors such as Spearmint Lemon, Green Tea, and Lavender Chamomile for benefits like relaxation and energization, the CBD Luxe Inhaler provides a unique way to experience CBD. $80

G Pen Nova LXE

The upgraded version of the G Pen Nova, the Nova LXE is both high quality and approachable. Unique due to its heat-balancing full-ceramic atomizer, the Nova LXE allows for maximum output. $60



Harvest Gold Organics Premium Soil Conditioner

Harvest Gold Organics Premium Soil Conditioner’s incredible natural properties help produce high-yielding, stronger, and more vibrant plants while protecting against mold and disease. This USDA certified organic mineral-rich silica works by improving soil health and structure, while holding water, fertilizer, and essential nutrients where they’re needed most: at the roots. $20




MagicalButter Machine

The very first of its kind, the MagicalButter Machine is a countertop botanical extractor built for infusing sage, lavender, or cannabis into everything from butter and oil to lotions and grain alcohol. You can add onto your machine with accessories such as spatulas, baking mats, and trays for butter and gummies. $175



MV1 Ghost

Offering precise temperature control and pure flavor without stirring and charring, the MV1 Ghost is the ideal dry herb vaporizer. A unique portable vaporizer that delivers convection heating on demand, the MV1 Ghost was designed with medical grade standards in mind. $295



Interscience DiluFlow Elite

Assure the highest level of precision in your analyses by starting with over 99-percent accuracy in your dilution with the Interscience DiluFlow Elite. Use Interscience lab blenders to effectively homogenize your cannabis samples and ensure appropriate bacterial extraction. Visit for more details

Stratos Soothe ER

With three times the cannabinoid content of the Soothe 1:1, the Stratos Soothe ER is a potent salve with 300mg of both THC and CBD. Includes anti-inflammatory essential oils like clove oil, arnica, lemon essential oil, and black pepper essential oil. $42


Gofire App

Although alternative medicines have grown substantially over the past few years, not everyone has the background knowledge needed to find the topical, tincture, or edible to ease their ailments. Allowing you to find a number of treatments for anxiety, chronic pain, insomnia, and more, the Gofire App is your personal plant-based medicine-curator. Free

Gofire Inhaler

Utilizing temperature control and convection heating, the Gofire Inhaler is composed of medical-grade materials. Delivering extracts in perfect 2.5 mg increments at a time and offering connectivity with the Gofire app, the Gofire Inhaler is a major upgrade in the world of vaporizing. $299


The Root of It All™ “EASE for stress relief” Essential Oil Tincture

Ease for Stress Relief has a name that perfectly fits its contents. Offering 500mg of CBD to 50mg of THC in a 10:1 ratio, this vegan, allergy-free essential oil tincture utilizes ingredients tailored for relaxation. Prices vary by state.



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  • Alex Moersen is an Associate Editor at Cannabis & Tech Today, covering pop culture, science and technology, business, legislation, and much more. Twitter: @yaboii_shanoo

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