Absorb your cannabis products 100 percent with new technology now in development.

New Tech Reveals Secret to Feeling Better Faster

If you drink a kale smoothie for the vitamins but only absorb six percent of the nutrients, would you feel the nauseating taste was worth the effort? 

That’s pretty much what’s happening in the cannabis industry. Our bodies only absorb roughly six to 18 percent of the cannabinoids present in any given product. That means we’re wasting a lot of product and we’re taking more than we need to achieve the desired effects.

Thankfully, the industry is more scientific than it’s ever been and we’re starting to see some really game-changing research and development enter the space. One such game-changer? The development of technology that enables 100 percent bioavailability.

Absorb All the Product

That means if you took a multivitamin, you would retain every last drop of B12 rather than turning your toilet bowl a vibrant orange with the materials you failed to absorb. 

In less disgusting terms? You could take a CBD tablet and feel the effects of the full milligram dose. You would take fewer pills, hits, or tinctures, to feel the same impact. It saves you money, it reduces packaging waste, and it decreases the negative side effects associated with taking more than you need. 

Absorb it Faster

The company behind the innovation is CannRx, an Israel-based technology company specializing in medical and recreational cannabis products. They announced their new tech, CannTrap, on August 14. 

According to their press release, the “molecular structure-binding technology delivery system” helps cannabinoids to bind more effectively with a hydrophilic protein. The result is a water-soluble nanoparticle that your body eagerly absorbs and processes.

Better still, the nanoparticle’s rapid absorption helps users to feel the benefit of their dose faster than with traditional methods of ingestion. Creators tout that the tech can reduce the maximum dose waiting period down from several hours to no longer than thirty minutes. 

Clinical Trials and Tribulations

CannRx founder and Chief Scientific Officer Dr. William Levine shared his insights on the new technology, “Higher bioavailability, faster absorption, and prolonged effects translate into safer products, greater control, and precision dosing – the holy grail of cannabis – with reduced side effects for users.”

The company will reportedly start conducting human research trials next year. Their current studies with animals have shown up to 100 percent bioavailability of cannabis products delivered using CannTrap.

To learn more about this technology, stay tuned to Cannabis & Tech Today for an in-depth interview with CannRx CEO Dr. William Levine.


  • Patricia Miller is an executive editor at Innovative Properties Worldwide. She explores science, technology, and policy shaping the legal cannabis sector. Follow her work when you subscribe to Cannabis & Tech Today at or visit her website

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