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4 Fun Gifts for Your Favorite Cannabis Connoisseur

It seems like every day there is new technology that innovators are creating to vastly improve how we consume cannabis.

Great minds are figuring out how to make it fresher, easier to smoke, and more satisfying.

Basically, it’s a great time to love cannabis.

We’ve compiled a list of some of our favorite new creations to come out of 2020.

These items are incredibly popular, so if something on this list catches your eye, it’s best to act fast.

You’ll thank us later.


Never break a bowl again with the Invincipole and Invincibowl combo pictured above. Courtesy of Invincibowl

Mechanical engineer, actor and producer Jeff Houkal watched his wife, Gloria, break three glass bowls in a month

If you’ve ever owned a glass bowl, you feel Gloria’s pain.

Houkal went about creating a bowl that did not break, and thus, the Invincibowl was born.

Great for both experienced smokers and novices, the Invincibowl contains secure-screen technology, which is made of proprietary mesh, that allows for 20+ bowls to be smoked before clogging.

Also created by Invincibowl, is their Invincipole.

The Invincipole, which is crafted from anodized aluminum, utilizes telescoping technology to extend or contract to fit any 18mm bong.

If you’re a hiker or enjoy spending time outside, take your Invincibowl and Invincipole along for the ride!

All of their products can withstand any environment. Invincibowl retails at $30 and the Invincipole is $45.

Cannascape Cannabis Storage Containers

The ceramic version of Cannascape’s storage container. Courtesy of Cannascape.

If you’re using a mason jar to store your cannabis – you’re doing it wrong.

According to the folks at Planetary Design, when the mason jar is closed the oxygen is trapped inside the jar, which quickly decreases the potency of your cannabis.

Planetary Design’s sleek and trendy Cannascape storage containers use Airscape technology, which forces air out through a valve as it is pressed down, then locks in place.

By forcing the air out, this preserves the freshness and flavor of your cannabis.

Cannascape Cannabis Storage Containers come in a variety of colors, like brushed steel, ceramic, glass, and matte black.

They are available on their website for $26 to $40.

GRAV Glass Joints

Courtesy of GRAV Glass Joints

Who knew a joint could look so Instagram worthy?

GRAV Glass Joints are 100% recyclable and filled with organic, pesticide-free, herbicide-free CBD hemp flower.

According to GRAV, the new, chic glass container was created so that consumers can see what they’re smoking and trust the quality of the flower inside.

Each pack contains 7 pre-filled GRAV CBD glass joints and one glass mouthpiece.

There are three different packs that you can try.

There’s Sundancer, which promotes energy, focus and calm.

Grav is also offering Zen Cowboy for peacefulness and comfort and Moonwalker, which has an earthy flavor that will set your mind at ease.

The packs sell for $30.

GRAV Arcline Hemisphere Bubbler

The Arcline Bubbler is sturdy to prevent tipping and made of thick, high-quality glass. Courtesy of GRAV.

There’s no doubt that everything GRAV makes is a stunning work of art.

The craftsmanship behind their products shows that they believe in attention to detail.

The GRAV Arcline Hemisphere Bubbler is no different.

Inspired by Tuscan columns from ancient Italy, the 6” tall on 28mm diameter tubing is made from aesthetically-pleasing borosilicate glass.

The bubbler, which works with flower, is all set to use with a 14mm Arcline Bowl and functions best with approximately 1” of water.

You can find this gorgeous piece on their website for $280.

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