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CBD Use Associated With Improved Emotional Wellness

We are living in the midst of some truly hard times. Due to the ongoing pandemic and many other factors, emotional wellness is something that many people struggle with.

It was estimated that roughly one out of every seven people globally struggled with mental health as of 2017, and it’s likely a safe bet that the problem has only gotten worse.

Emotional wellness is a subset of overall mental health, and is often described as a person’s ability to successfully navigate the stresses that come with life, and to be able to adapt to change during difficult times.

Depression has increased during the pandemic all over the world, as have anxiety and emotional exhaustion, and people are looking for ways to reduce that depression

According to the results of a new study, CBD may be able to help.

CBD And Emotional Wellness

A team of researchers in Brazil recently conducted a clinical trial to explore CBD’s relationship with depression, emotional exhaustion, and anxiety.

The clinical trial conducted by researchers with the University of São Paulo in Brazil involved a cohort of 120 ‘frontline health care professionals’ half of which were administered 300mgs of CBD daily and the other half having not used CBD.

“This randomized clinical trial found that the efficacy and safety of daily treatment with CBD, 300 mg, for 4 weeks combined with standard care was superior to standard care alone for reducing the symptoms of emotional exhaustion, anxiety, and depression among frontline health care professionals working with patients with COVID-19,” the study’s authors stated.

“Cannabidiol may act as an effective agent for the reduction of burnout symptoms among a population with important mental health needs worldwide.” the researchers concluded.

Talk To Your Doctor

It is worth noting that 5 of the cohort subjects that participated in the previously cited study had to drop out of the study due to adverse effects of the CBD products that were used.

That fact should serve as a reminder to people that they should always check with a medical professional prior to incorporating CBD into their treatment regimens, and cease use of CBD if complications arise.

With that being said, CBD helps far more people than it hurts, and there will always be someone that is allergic to just about anything, including certain cannabinoids.

Do your research, evaluate your own situation, and talk to a medical professional to make sure that CBD, or any other cannabinoid, is right for you.


  • Johnny Green is the Media and Content Director for the International Cannabis Business Conference and has blogged about cannabis since January 2010.

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