What Is The Best Way To Consume CBD?

Arguably the most popular cannabinoid on the planet right now is CBD. For many years THC was undoubtedly the most popular, however, that has changed in recent years.

CBD is legal in far more places than THC, and a number of studies and personal experiences have found that CBD can provide a significant amount of wellness benefits.

Due to cannabis policy reform victories in many countries, CBD products are legally available in more parts of the world than at any other time since the dawn of prohibition.

That increased availability has been paralleled by an exponential growth in the demand for CBD products worldwide, which has many consumers and patients wondering what consumption method is best for CBD?

CBD Inhaler Study

CBD can be consumed in different ways, including smoke inhalation, vapor inhalation, transdermal patches, oral tablets and tinctures, as well as inhalers.

A team of researchers recently explored the difference in efficacy between oral CBD administration (Epidiolex) and a ‘dry powder’ CBD inhaler.

“This phase 1 study compared the PK of a dry-powder inhaler (DPI) CBD formulation (10 mg; excipient containing 2.1 mg CBD) with an oral CBD solution (Epidiolex®, 50 mg) in healthy participants.” the study stated.

“Following a single dose of Epidiolex or DPI CBD (n=10 PK evaluable participants each), the maximum CBD concentration for the inhaled powder was 71-fold higher than that of Epidiolex while administering 24-fold less CBD. The mean time to reach maximum concentration was 3.8 minutes for the DPI CBD formulation compared with 122 minutes for Epidiolex. Both Epidiolex and DPI CBD were generally safe and well-tolerated.” the study’s authors went on to say.

“These data indicate that DPI CBD provided more rapid onset and increased bioavailability than oral CBD and support further investigations on the use of DPI CBD for acute indications.” the researchers concluded.

What Is Right For Your Situation?

Keep in mind that just because this particular study found that dry powder inhalers were better does not necessarily mean that it’s best for your particular situation.

For starters, dry powder CBD inhalers may not even be available in the part of the world where you live. 

From that perspective, orally administered CBD is likely better than no CBD at all.

Furthermore, some patients have conditions in which inhaling dry powder CBD through an inhaler is not optimal, or in some cases, completely prohibited due to the patient’s condition.
For those patients, orally administered CBD (or other consumption methods) may be a better route. Evaluate your situation and decide what consumption method of CBD is best for you.


  • Johnny Green is the Media and Content Director for the International Cannabis Business Conference and has blogged about cannabis since January 2010.

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