Cannabis Gift Guide for Christmas, Hanukkah, and More

Holidays are a sacred time of year when we gather with friends and loved ones to eat, share gifts, and make memories. If you’d like to take your holidays higher, we have the perfect cannabis gift guide to elevate the festivities. In the immortal words of Otto Mann from The Simpsons, “I don’t need drugs to enjoy this … just to enhance it!”

Consumables for Christmas, Kwanzaa, or Boxing Day

LEVIA Cannabis Infused Seltzers — Nothing tastes better than a crisp, refreshing, zero-calorie buzz. LEVIA’s seltzers offer 5 milligrams of THC in each can, elevating your senses and enlivening your palate.

Enjoy in three festive flavors: Raspberry Lime, Lemon Lime, and Jam Berry. Now available in Massachusetts. $6 per can.

JANE Menopause Tincture This unique formula mimics Anandamide, a naturally occurring brain chemical that helps regulate body temperature, sleep, mood, and anxiety.

JANE helps women overcome pain and discomfort caused by menopausal symptoms with its low-dose formulation of custom cannabinoids. Now available everywhere except OR, WA, ND, ID, and CO). $68

Brelixi Elderberry + Hibiscus CBD Lemonade Drink Mix Stick — Command your own destiny with these convenient pocket packs of fast-acting nano hemp CBD.

With 30 milligrams of CBD in each pouch, you can chill out and boost your mood anywhere, anytime.

Electrolytes, adaptogens, nootropics, and antioxidants ensure these flavorful mix sticks offer all the relaxation you’ll need over the holidays. $12

Bubby’s Baked Hot Cocoa — Nothing beats the winter blues like a frothy mug of hot chocolate. Why not take that peaceful feeling up a notch with Bubby’s Baked Hot Cocoa?

Royal Dutch cocoa pairs with 10 milligrams of full-spectrum cannabis to offer a sweet, soothing treat you won’t want to share. Available in Massachusetts, Maryland, and Delaware. $30

Santa-Approved Smoke Tech

DaySavers Perfect Pack by Custom Cones USA — The Perfect Pack includes both pre-roll tubes and a cone filling machine. Custom Cones unique filling machine is specifically designed for cannabis.

Rather than compression used in cigarette tube filling machines, this cone filler allows the user to customize the compression to their specifications, no need to tap and repack. Simply press a button and enjoy a perfectly packed joint in moments.

Best of all, DaySaver cones are tested for heavy metals, microbials, and pesticides so you can rest assured you’re smoking the safest papers on the market. Choose a specialty line to support a cause you care about, like Veterans Medical Reform or Cannabis Justice Reform. $35

Hemper Wreath XL Bong — ‘Tis the season to celebrate! For the passionate cannabis enthusiast, this wreath-shaped water bong is ideal for spreading Christmas cheer.

Its borosilicate glass is thick and sturdy so even your tipsy Uncle Jeff won’t be at risk of ruining the fun. An inline percolator ensures you can chief this wreath with ease. Festive and functional, it’s the perfect accompaniment to Santa’s cookies and milk. $200

Flower by Edie Parker Glass Tabletop Lighter — No more searching for a lighter! These stylish tabletop lighters are perfect for sparking conversations.

Light up your night and your joint with a molded glass, high shine, chrome torch lighter insert seated beautifully in a candy-colored glass base. $195

Puffco’s Proxy Travel Bag — If you haven’t tried the Puffco Proxy, add it to your letter to Santa. If you’re already a fan of the high-tech concentrate device, the Proxy Travel Bag is the accessory of the season.

Enjoy a hidden loading tray, storage for up to six jars, quilted padding to protect your glass, and a few more sneaky perks you’ll have to experience to believe. $70


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