A full review of the Puffco Peak, the world's first smart dab rig.

Puffco Peak Review: How Smart is Your Rig? 

When I first saw someone dab a cannabis concentrate, I was shocked. It looks intimidating. There are several tools involved, including a loud, fiery blowtorch, a nail, and a red-hot bowl.

I prefer simple things. Tommy Chong once said he prefers “the flame against the flower, the old way.” And I tend to agree, some flower and a bowl does the job.

So, when I first heard about the Puffco Peak, an award-winning smart vaporizer, I was skeptical. Traditional methods work well, why fix something if it’s not broken? 

Then CEO of Puffco, Roger Volodarsky, said his staff is more productive after using the Peak. More productive? Again, I was skeptical, but decided to give this fancy apparatus a try.

First Impressions

Puffco CEO Roger Volodarsky (left) in deep research and development mode.
Puffco CEO Roger Volodarsky (left) discussing design enhancements with a member of his team.

I’ve been using the Puffco Peak for just over two months. It’s light-weight, intuitive, and easy to tailor to your personal preferences. It’s also easy to clean and has a fairly long battery life. 

Smart Rig Design

The Peak is lightweight, fits comfortably in your hand, and it’s truly a “smart” device. The first of its kind to include haptic feedback, the Peak knows when your concentrate has reached the perfect temperature. It’s like a bong you don’t have to light that vibrates to let you know when your perfect hit is ready.

What if my perfect hit is different than your perfect hit? The Peak is adjustable, with three temperature settings and a “sesh mode” that burns a little slower so you can share with your friends.  

Puffco is also offering the new Peak Lightning, a limited edition version that lights up in a variety of colors.

Haptic Feedback

The device centers around haptic feedback, buzzing to let you know your hit is ready, vibrating again when the heat has been turned off and your concentrate is used up. 

It vibrates to let you know you’ve switched temperatures and also blinks different colors indicating higher or lower temps. The white light is the lowest setting, green is the middle, and red is the highest setting for the biggest hit. 

I use the white setting the most often. The red creates a monstrous hit out of even the smallest amount of concentrate.

Making Your Concentrates Last

That’s the other thing about this product, it makes your concentrate last forever. The tiniest pinhead of wax, shatter, sugar, resin, or budder turns into a giant hit, allowing the user to take several large hits before the machine vibrates to let you know it’s done. 

For people who are looking to get the most return on their cannabis products, this machine certainly seems to make the wax last.

This could be particularly helpful for those who are using concentrates medicinally, as it delivers a potent hit from a very small amount of product.

Peak User Experience

The Peak was designed to be easy to share and convenient to transport.
The Peak was designed to be easy to share and convenient to transport.

So, back to the productivity question. As the cannabis industry becomes more advanced, companies are able to tell their customers more about what to expect from a given product. 

Consumers can often decide if they want a relaxed, therapeutic experience or an energetic, creative high. 

Personally, I haven’t mastered which products will provide which results. As such, I don’t take chances with using cannabis in work settings, at networking events, or when making important financial decisions.

It seemed unlikely that a cannabis delivery system might change the way I experienced the plant. However, much to my surprise and delight, the Peak does just that. 

It provides a clean, easy smoke. I felt sharp, capable, calm, and present. Rather than paranoia or anxiety, I felt focused and motivated. The cultivar also contributes to those qualities, but the elevated feeling persisted despite whether I consumed sativa or indica.

Though the Puffco Peak hasn’t changed my policy on when and where I use cannabis, it has certainly made me feel like I could use it as a tool for enhancing my productivity in certain circumstances.

Overall Value

The Puffco Peak expanded my smoking horizons. It’s a clean vapor that highlights the flavor of the terpene profile of your concentrate. 

It’s easy to clean, customizable (check out the Puffco Peak Glass Open), fun to share with friends, and significantly less intimidating than the traditional blowtorch and nail method. 

One drawback that might have prevented me from purchasing the Peak is the price tag. The Puffco Peak retails for $380, which is an investment compared to many concentrate vaporizers.

But, you get what you pay for. This item feels luxurious, it smokes beautifully, and the high isn’t something you can achieve with many less expensive vaporizers. You’re paying for an award-winning product and thankfully, that’s what you get.

For more info about the Puffco Peak and an exclusive interview with Roger Volodarsky, stay tuned for the fall issue of Cannabis & Tech Today. Subscribe here so you never miss an interview.


  • Ebby Stone is a freelance writer specializing in cannabis, with a focus on the innovators and businesses shaping the industry.

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