Snoop Dogg and Hill Beverage Co. Launch New Infused Drink Line

Snoop Dogg and Death Row Records are teaming up with Hill Beverage Co. to launch “Do It Fluid” infused beverages. The hemp-derived D9 THC and CBD-infused drinks are available in four all-natural flavors from

Hill Beverage Co. Founder and CEO Jake Hill told Cannabis & Tech Today he’s been working in the cannabis industry for 10 years and believes canna-infused beverages are on the cusp of exploding in popularity. “Beverages are going to be one of the first and most powerful mechanisms that really open up the industry to the masses.” He added, “I think infused beverages are the one product that everybody would be willing to try.”

Hill Beverage Co. Founder and CEO Jake Hill. Image courtesy of Hill Beverage Co.

Hill met Snoop while working at another of his companies, a cannabis technology company specializing in agricultural automation. As their business relationship deepened and Hill demonstrated his grasp on large-scale production tech, combined with his background as a former canna-bev business owner, Snoop saw an opportunity to collaborate. 

“As I take the next step forward in my smoking evolution, Hill Beverage Co.’s vision for cannabis beverages was the perfect transition,” Snoop Dogg shared. 

Rapper and entrepreneur Snoop Dogg. Images courtesy of Death Row Records.

Hill noted, “We’ve been very dedicated to this product for over a decade and we have the ability to deliver; we have massive production capabilities. Those were some of the differentiating factors that allowed [Snoop Dogg] to feel comfortable working with us.”

“Do It Fluid” is infused with hemp-derived D9 THC and/or CBD in small doses so consumers can ingest it like they would a glass of beer or wine. It’s a low-and-slow approach that should enable social consumption. Hill explained, “They’re designed to have many of them throughout the night. These are low dose and you’re immediately absorbing all of the milligrams you’ve ingested.” 

He added, “It doesn’t hit you 30 minutes or an hour later like traditional edibles. We timed these formulas so you start to feel it within two or three minutes.”

Hill worked with an in-house lab and formulator to develop the beverages using organic fruit juices and purees from Oregon combined with cannabinoids from California. The resulting flavors are Blood Orange, Blue Razz, Cherry Limeade, and Peaches N Honies.

Hill and his team utilized a new type of can liner that prevents cannabinoids from binding to the liner — an issue that has historically caused problems in the mass production of canna-bevs. 

Hill explained how he creates reliably reproducible results, “We have a whole process authority behind each one of our flavors and each one of our SKUs noting how we do it every single time. There are no inconsistencies. We want the customer to get the same experience every single time.”

To learn more about the brand, visit Listen to the full interview with Jake Hill on Episode 151 of Cannabis Tech Talks.


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