Cannabis Bongs: Different Types and How They Work

Are you considering trying out a bong for the first time but want to know more about the available different types? Do you want to know what makes these bongs different from each other and how they work?

Bongs have been one of the most popular cannabis consumption devices for decades upon decades now and many people choose them as their primary method of consumption. Bugs are popular because of how simple and convenient they are to use.

As a beginner it may be tricky to understand how a bong works, so continue reading to learn about the different types of bongs and how to use them properly.

Glass Bongs

The first type of bong that we will have a look at is glass bongs. Glass bongs are the most popular and the most highly recommended. When one thinks of a bong, a glass bong is typically what their mind goes to.

Glass bongs were one of the first types of bongs to come to the market and they’re seen as the pinnacle of water pipes. Not only do glass bongs come in a huge variety of shapes and sizes, but they are also known to be the best performing and budget-friendly bongs around. They are also one of the most durable types of bongs on the market, and despite being glass, many come with lifetime warranties

Plastic Bongs

The second most popular type of bong is the plastic bong. Plastic is an incredibly common material to come across which makes it a great option for bongs, on top of that it is also an incredibly durable material which means it is less likely to break. 

the biggest perk about plastic bongs is that unlike glass bongs they are a lot more affordable. However, the downside to using a plastic bong is that it may affect the taste of your weed when you smoke it.

Straight-Tube Bongs

Moving on down our list the next type of bang that we will look at is the straight tube bong. These types of bonds are known to be simple and effective and a great choice for beginners. Straight tube bongs or straight neck bongs have simple sleek designs and are usually between 8 inches and 24 inches tall.

They get their name because of their tall and narrow shape and the fact that they are simply a straight tube. Keep in mind that these bonds are easy to knock over and can break if they get too much wear and tear.

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Beaker Base Bongs

Beaker base bongs are the classic type of bong and the most traditional shape of bang that you can find. These bongs are defined as being tough sturdy and stable and offer a smooth smoking experience. A beaker base bong is a stereotypical bond that you will see in any movie featuring cannabis.

They have a larger bottom that narrows as it goes up to the top. These bonds are typically more durable and fast steadier when placed on a table. You do not have to worry about them rolling or being knocked over.

Round Base Bongs

A round base bong is exactly as the name suggests, it is a bong that has a round or bowl-shaped base. These bongs are very unconventional and very impractical because they cannot be placed upright and stand on their own.

However, they are a popular choice because of how cool they look and how efficiently they work. Round bass bongs can come in many different materials and sizes, and they are one of the simpler designs to find on the market.

Percolator Bongs

Last but not least the final type of bond that we have on our list is the percolator bong. These bonds were designed with extra filtration in mind so that they could offer the smoothest hit possible. percolator bongs, also known as the perks or the bubblers have got percolators within them.

Percolators can get complicated if you go in-depth with them however the basic purpose of it is to cool and filter the smoke before you inhale it. This off is one of the smoothest cannabis smoking experiences around.

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