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Top 5 Portable Vaporizers for 2021

The cannabis community loves portable vaporizers. People appreciate the ability to discreetly take their medication or just elevate their day without drawing too much attention. Portable vaporizers are also easy-to-use and don’t require fiddling with flower. With so many new options hitting shelves each day, it can be difficult to separate quality products from poorly-made hype. Fear not! Cannabis & Tech Today has sampled dozens of vapes over the last year and compiled a few of our favorites for your vaping pleasure. 

PAX Era Life

San Francisco-based PAX Labs’ newest edition, the Era Life, is designed specifically for those on-the-go. The Era has a longer battery life than previous models in their most compact design yet, providing around 150 puffs per charge. Without compromising flavor or vapor consistency, PAX created “a simple, fun way to enjoy cannabis,” said Colt Stander, Head of Product at PAX Labs. 

This new design means the Era Life is ready to go on a whim. With its “instant on” feature, users just hit and forget it — no need to turn on and off. The company is now offering several color varieties, including Onyx, Grass, Blaze, and Indigo.

Seed & Smith Dart

Seed & Smith is a Denver-based company specializing in high-quality genetics for their in-house strains and cannabis extraction. They even have a cannabis cultivation tour available to the public. Their Dart vaporizer is created with their partner CCELL. 

The ceramic heating element regulates the temperature to which the concentrate will be heated with a 3.7 Volt output. The cartridge is held in place with magnets, making removal and replacement quick and easy. Both the battery and the cartridge are protected by a durable outer casing. 

Fully charging in 90 minutes, the Dart is capable of providing users with around 200 puffs per charge. No buttons, adjustments, or additional materials are required. Just inhale and exhale for the best results.


One of the most currently popular cannabis brands is COOKIES, a company by rapper and entrepreneur Gilbert “Berner” Milam, Jr. COOKIES collaborated with G Pen to produce cannabis vaporizers specializing in CBD oil. Created from a zinc-alloy casing and 180 mAh battery, the vaporizer’s ergonomic and durable design

It’s compatible with G Pen’s new ceramic, wickless Gio Cartridges. No need for any buttons, just a charge, a puff, and users are comfortably medicating on-the-go. COOKIES’ website pairs the new vaporizer with their Cereal Milk 500 milligram CBD formula.

Kandypens Special K

Used by many celebrities like Young MA, A$AP Rocky, and DJ Khaled in their music videos, Scottsdale, Arizona-based Kandypen is another popular vaporizer brand. One of their best sellers is the Special K. 

The Special K is one of their super-compact, discreetly designed vaporizers with a one-milliliter refillable tank. The 510 threaded, rechargeable battery is at 650 mAh capacity and by pressing the button, users can change the voltage from the lowest 3.2 to the highest 4.2. All Kandypens products are handmade, developed, and designed in the United States. 

PuffCo Plus

PuffCo has been in business since 2013. Best known for their Peak Pro temperature-controlled concentrate rig, they also have high-quality portable vape products. The PuffCo Plus is the improved version of their already highly regarded original PuffCo vape pen. The Plus has fingerprint-resistant coating and fast-charging, extended battery life.

The Plus’ mouthpiece is an extendable loading tool, splash guard, and carb cap. It’s designed for vaporizing personal concentrates on-the-go. The coil-less ceramic bowl is easy to clean and less susceptible to clogs. The Plus also has three heat settings and a “sesh-mode” function where it will heat for 12 seconds at once, facilitating group use or a full session for one user. 


Header image courtesy of PAX Labs.

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