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Your Dad Will Love These Five Cannabis Gift Ideas

There are 70.1 million dads in the United States. That’s 46% of the male population. How many of those 70 million men are cannabis enthusiasts? Well, we don’t have the data on that just yet … but let’s bet it’s at least 10%. That’s 7 million men who would love to receive a cannabis-themed Father’s Day gift. With those less-than-scientific numbers in mind, let’s explore our top five Dad’s Day gifts for cannabis-loving poppas.

Hakuna Supply Fingerprint Lock Box

There’s nothing more important to a parent than the safety of their children. Why not treat dad to the gift of safety with a legacy series fingerprint lockbox? This high-tech stash spot uses biometric fingerprint data to ensure everything inside stays safe and sound. The locking system can hold up to 5 fingerprints, or you can use a key. The matching rolling tray ensures dad’s rolling in style. $250 

+PlusCBD Pain Relief Sport Recovery Stick

If your father is starting to make too many dad noises as he hauls himself off the couch, maybe it’s time for some CBD. If he’s the active type who Superman’s his way through the day, then it’s definitely time for CBD. This post-workout topical cream soothes inflammation and combines menthol, camphor, and CBD to melt away aches and pains. It’s available nationwide. $30

Alchemy Jars

Does your dad love saving money and smoking fresh, testy herb? Then an Alchemy Jar might be exactly what he’s looking for. Featuring a silicone grip and a removable glass insert, these jars preserve terpenes and flavor while keeping your flower the perfect humidity. Now available in black, white, or a series of limited edition colors for $40. 

Cannador 4-Strain Cannabis Humidor

Your dad pays a premium for his legal cannabis, so why let it dry out in those less-than-stylish plastic containers from the dispensary? With the Cannador, four varieties of cannabis can be safely stored at the perfect humidity. If cigar lover’s like it, it’s about time the cannabis community followed suit. Plus, pop can lock it up to be sure nobody is scooping his stash. $170

Escape Artists’ Relief Creams

When you’re juggling family, friends, and work, the daily aches and pains can quickly start stacking up. Escape Artists’ THC relief creams are available in a variety of strengths and scents to pinpoint your poppa’s specific pain points. The Cedar & Black Pepper cream offers a fresh, woodsy fragrance so dad can smell as manly as he feels.

Hitoki Trident

If your dad were the captain of the Starship Enterprise, this is how he would smoke. The Trident is every tech lover’s dream, relying on a focused laser beam to vaporize flower. It’s a water bong from the future that offers a clean, smooth smoke while you enjoy the laser show. Smoke with friends, hookah-style, or use the silicone attachment for a solo sesh. $500


  • Ebby Stone is a freelance writer specializing in cannabis, with a focus on the innovators and businesses shaping the industry.

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