Working Out With Cannabis for Beginners


Most people want to enjoy the benefits of better health, but many of us can’t get ourselves going for a workout, or we have trouble getting the full benefit of the exercise time available to us. What might surprise some people is the fact that many view cannabis to be the key to getting the most from the exercise time they have.

With cannabis becoming legal in jurisdictions around the country, we are starting to see an increase in health-conscious people considering its applications for a healthy lifestyle. For some, it might be about relaxation and stress relief, but you will find many who swear by the benefits of cannabis for exercise and athletics.

This leads to the obvious question: can cannabis products enhance your exercise routine? Let’s take a look at some of the ways it might be beneficial for working out and take a look at what some of the scientific research says.

Why Cannabis Might be Good for Working Out

You will find several theories about the ways cannabis can be beneficial for working out. Some focus on the mental side of exercise, and others are more concerned with the ways cannabis can affect the body. 

The first benefit many will mention is that they believe cannabis helps to relieve pain after they workout. Since chemicals like THC and CBD interact with the endocannabinoid system of the body, the belief is that there is a pain relief effect to consuming these compounds.

Another potential benefit is that some believe cannabis can help a person recover after an exercise session. Cannabis has been shown to improve blood flow and reduce inflammation. Many workout enthusiasts believe that using cannabis after a workout will help the body recover and make it so they can return to the gym sooner.

You also have a lot of people who believe cannabis helps with their mental state as it concerns exercise. The belief is that cannabis helps to enhance the mood and it makes you feel more up and ready to go workout. Some also believe that cannabis makes the workout more enjoyable, so you work out longer.

Another important point is that you don’t have to smoke cannabis to get these benefits. You have different options like cannabis edibles, which can be taken right before starting a workout. You could even take them mid-workout if you feel like you are starting to lag.

Is there science to support the benefits of cannabis for exercise?

If you ask people who already use cannabis as a part of their workout routine, they will express confidence in their belief that it is beneficial. However, that is not the same as it actually being beneficial. So what does the science say? Since cannabis decriminalization is still relatively new, we don’t have all the answers, but researchers are looking into the issue.

One study from the University of Colorado Boulder surveyed more than 600 cannabis users. Of those surveyed, over 80% endorsed the use of cannabis as a part of an exercise routine. Most of the participants said they use it both before and after working out, and only about 18% said they would not recommend using cannabis before or after working out. The study also found that users who include cannabis as a part of their workout routine get about 43 minutes more exercise per week than users who do not.

Another point is that 70% of the survey participants said that using cannabis before they workout made the activity more enjoyable. Along with that, 77% said that it helps with recovery after working out. While this isn’t a controlled study, it does show that many people take cannabis as a part of their workout routine and that there is reason to believe that it could be beneficial.

Making Cannabis a Part of Your Workout Routine

While there is the potential for cannabis to enhance your workout routine, you should take your time when making this decision. Even many who promote the idea of using cannabis and working out would recommend avoiding certain types of exercise when using cannabis. 

Another point is the legality. If you live in a place like Sacramento, California, finding a cannabis dispensary and delivery service will be safe, legal and easy. If you live in a place where it is still illegal, using cannabis to work out might not be an option. 

As another point, you might want to consult with your doctor before making this decision. If you are on any medications or have specific health conditions, you might not be able to use cannabis as a part of your workout routine. 

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