The Unofficial Guide to Cannabis Courtesy

There are no shortage of etiquette guides available. A quick Google search will yield everything from A Guide to Modern Manners to A Pug’s Guide to Etiquette. And, focusing more on the food and beverage world, articles have been written on topics such as napkin placement at a restaurant and the ideal way to consume alcoholic beverages around the world. With the increasing legalization occurring across the U.S., it makes sense that some cannabis usage manners be put into place. This is exactly what Rita Tsalyuk, who co-owns the Denver-based cannabis venue The Coffee Joint, outlined in a recent interview with WBUR Radio.

One of the most interesting parts of the discussion is Tsalyuk’s views on cannabis and professional meetings. Upon being asked if a business meeting and an edible can be combined, she responded, “Absolutely, because you can do the same thing with alcohol. It just depends. You have to know your audience.” As sipping a cocktail during a casual business meeting doesn’t seem entirely far fetched, this could be a more common occurrence in more laid back offices.

Additionally, Tsalyuk gave her opinion on smelling like cannabis in public, again revealing it to have similar rules to alcohol.  “Overconsumption, it’s not actually good with alcohol or with cannabis. So if people noticeably overconsumed, it’s probably not good.” As most people have experienced someone giving off the strong aroma of either, Tsalyuk makes a good point.

Throughout the interview, she also discusses the different places it is acceptable to consume cannabis, the general guests she sees at her venue, and what people generally ask her about etiquette in the world of marijuana. In order to hear the interview in full, make sure to check out the exclusive podcast.

Tsalyuk’s Coffee Joint is located in Denver, Colorado and allows visitors to consume edibles, vape, or dab while playing board games, coloring, and relaxing with friends. The venue also hosts a number of themed evenings and activities, such as video game nights, yoga, and movie events.

In addition to these tips from an experienced entrepreneur within the cannabis industry, there has been a decent amount of literature written about the “dos” and “don’ts” of cannabis usage. A few examples include Weed: The User’s Guide, How To Smoke Pot (Properly), and Higher Etiquette. Hopefully, someday Tsalyuk will pen an etiquette book of her own to inspire the masses to smoke with smarts.


Featured image courtesy of Pixabay user jill111

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