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The Age of Cannabis Delivery

The timeline of cannabis in America is certainly a tumultuous one. From being spiritually and ritualistically used by Native Americans, to being vilified and criminalized by early 1900’s government officials leading to a 75 year prohibition, to an explosive “war on drugs” that had a choke hold on American culture for over two decades, marijuana and its users have been on a seriously wild ride.

Now, as of 2020, marijuana is fully legal in 11 states and medically legal and decriminalized in another 12. We are finally seeing the progress that the cannabis industry deserves.

This widespread legalization and decriminalization has opened the doors to a sonic boom in cannabis business and innovation.

We are seeing the legal cannabis industry finally stretch its legs and become a business titan comparable to the most successful industries in the country. As of 2018, the legal marijuana business had become a fully fledged multi-billion dollar industry.

This brings us to today, where cannabis technology and innovation is through the roof. Dispensaries are now heavily distributed across legalized states, making it possible to walk into a storefront and buy cannabis from a cashier without fear of being arrested.

As exciting as this is, an even more exciting development that came from this progression is one that we could have only dreamed of even just 10 years ago: delivery services. Now this is the future of cannabis we’ve been dreaming of.

Cannabis Delivery in California

Since California is making itself well known as the epicenter of the legal marijuana industry, it’s there that you’ll find most of these companies. California-based services like Tökr and Eaze help customers find cannabis products in their area available for instant delivery. Basically, they’re the Postmates of pot.

Tökr is a Los Angeles-based company that delivers cannabis products from dispensaries all around the city.

As long as you’re in the delivery zone, between 12-8pm you can enter your address into the website and it will pull up every cannabis product that’s available to you in the surrounding area.

You can also customize your search to find loose flower, pre-rolls, edibles and infused drinks, vape pens, topicals, and tinctures. All you have to do is place your order and one of their delivery drivers will pick it up and bring it right to you.

Since CBD is legalized nationally, Tökr also ships CBD products nationwide. You can search from a wide selection of brands and product types very similar to their THC counterparts.

You can find CBD tinctures, vape pens, edibles and drinks, topicals, smokeable flower, and even beauty products like face masks and bath bombs. Many people who live in states where marijuana has not yet been legalized medically rely on companies like Tökr to deliver their CBD. 

Another California-based company, Eaze is available in 25 cities across the state—including Los Angeles, San Francisco, San Mateo, Redwood City, Palo Alto, Brisbane, Los Altos, and Belmont.

This is another service with a Postmates-esque model. You place your online order from a local dispensary and Eaze assigns a “dispensary driver” to pick up your order and deliver it right to your door. 

Eaze’s website is also home to a cannabis blog that captures recent and relevant stories about the cannabis world, such as this article about women in cannabis or this how-to guide on tips and tricks for purchasing cannabis products.

Since legal marijuana is a relatively recent thing, education on the industry and how to use it safely and effectively is of the utmost importance.

Cannabis Delivery In Other Legal States 

If you’re outside of California, don’t worry — there’s another great service called Green Rush that delivers in select cities in Arizona, California, Colorado, Maryland, Massachusetts, Maine, Nevada, Oregon, and Washington.

They work with local dispensaries to provide an online storefront for shopping while a Green Rush driver picks up your order and brings it to your door. You can shop by product type, brand, or price range.

Whether you’re looking for a brand or a specific cannabinoid like Delta 8 THC, their ultimate goal is to make cannabis more accessible to the public.

The Life-Saving Side of Cannabis Delivery

Cannabis delivery services like these are also incredibly beneficial for folks who are sick, disabled, or unable to travel. Many people who suffer from chronic illnesses and afflictions are not always able to go out and get the things they need to live and don’t always have access to someone who can help them. 

Unfortunately, this leads a lot of these people to feel as if they are losing their independence. Medical dependence is a huge cause of depression and can sometimes accelerate the deterioration of the body under stress and illness.

Creating a service that allows these people to get things on their own helps to empower them while making their lives just a little bit (or a lot) easier. 

This is especially important not only for the disabled but for those who rely on marijuana for medical reasons. This service literally brings people’s medicine straight to their door.

Individuals with chronic illnesses, anxiety, sleep disorders, eating disorders, depression, PTSD, cancer, MS, and fibromyalgia will now have access to medicine that helps alleviate symptoms and allows them to lead an easier daily life.

These services are not only convenient, but they can be life-changing (and saving.)

For a long time, the thought of legal cannabis delivery sounded like a preposterous idea. As the war cries of the War on Drugs begin to fade away and more people begin to lean in favor of national legalization, the area of legal cannabis in the United States continues to widen.

While that is happening, we’re sure to be seeing more companies like these pop up. Someday soon, legal delivery across the country may be just as commonplace as take-out food. And that’s an awesome thing.


  • Sam White is a freelance writer and journalist who writes about conservation and sustainability, political and social justice, equal rights, inclusive feminism, environmentalism, and legal cannabis. You can find more of her work and contact info at httpsss://

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