Temperature control is a vital component of operating a successful grow.

Temperature Control Solutions for Your Laboratory

The cannabis industry is ripe with novice startups tackling big issues. In a space with so many newcomers, it’s comforting to find a company with decades of experience honing their craft.

PolyScience, a company which pioneered liquid temperature control solutions in the early 1960s, is applying its expertise to the cannabis industry. The company originally manufactured flow-through chillers and now produces temperature-control devices to meet the precise demands of cannabis laboratories.

Reliable Laboratory Temperature Control

“The cannabis industry is faced with the challenges of rapid growth, and a lot of people with an entrepreneurial spirit are having to face the challenges of running a successful business,” notes PolyScience President Philip Preston.

Preston knows what it takes to build a successful business. His work with PolyScience led to the development of the Sous Vide as well as technology used to map the human genome. His knowledge of mechanical engineering has helped him to revolutionize whole industries. Now, PolyScience looks to accomplish the same changes within the cannabis industry.

“We’re very excited about the things we have done in terms of launching chillers that are better suited to the specific needs of this market,” noted Preston in a recent interview. “We are about to launch a new line of chillers that will give much more information to the user. They will have more flexibility in terms of how they can be used and the types of applications they’re suited for and, most importantly, they are designed with a tremendous level of inherent reliability.”

Sustainable Solutions for Your Lab

PolyScience manufactures liquid temperature control solutions from refrigerated circulators and recirculating chillers to probe-type coolers that are used in cold traps of vacuum systems.

The company is also mindful of the environmental impact of industrial-grade temperature control systems. According to a 2015 report by Griffith University, refrigerant gases have a considerable Global Warming Potential (GWP), “about 140 to 11,700 times that of carbon dioxide.”

PolyScience is addressing this environmental issue with its latest industrial chilling technology, the DuraChill line. This new series of chillers uses R290, a natural and non-toxic refrigerant-grade propane which exhibits excellent thermodynamic performance without the ozone-depleting greenhouse gases.

Easy Maintenance for Liquid Temperature Control

The DuraChill line also provides improved maintenance control, thanks to a smart system that automatically changes its own filter once a month (or more frequently depending on the environment). “There’s enough filter material to keep the chiller happy for two years of operation,” Preston explains. What’s more, an innovative UV light system helps eliminate the need for algicide chemicals, another toxin associated with industrial chillers.

“It is my personal belief that we should be an environmentally responsible company,” Preston says. “We’ve taken steps that have reduced our energy consumption annually while increasing production. And we formalized our commitment to environmental concerns through the achievement of the ISO 14001 certification.”

ISO 14001 Certification Standards

That certification matters. The current American standard for coolant accepts the use of RH14, a potent greenhouse gas with high GWP, while the International Organization for Standardization (ISO) 14001 environmental management standards provide a more strict framework for environmental impact. And while ISO 14001 standards are not mandatory in the United States, PolyScience has adopted them as a critical requirement.

“I believe that we should not only provide the highest quality products, but we should leave a minimal footprint in doing so,” Preston says.

With innovations like DuraChill, PolyScience is able to help businesses across numerous industries reduce their footprints as well.

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