Talking with Kendall Livingston About the Kalvara Cannabis Cocktail

People consume cannabis differently than they did in years past. In fact, a 2016 national study showed that nearly one-third of adult respondents who had ever used cannabis reported consuming it in the form of an edible or beverage. Edibles are a popular way to consume cannabis, and that trend is growing. By 2022, the edibles market in this country is projected to reach $3.4 billion, and cannabis beverage sales alone are expected to grow to $374 million.

And yet, there can be disadvantages to edibles. Some of this has to do with a slower onset or uneven batching or mixing. Some consumers find them unreliable, with too high a risk of overmedicating.

Today’s consumers prioritize products centered on precision and purity. Kalvara brings a solution to the market in the form of the Kalvara Cannabis Cocktail, which uses the highest quality of THC for one precise dose that will allow consumers to experience fast onset with no uncertain reaction.

We sat down with Kalvara Logistics, LLC Owner Kendall Livingston to learn more about how this THC beverage is bringing a better beverage solution to the edibles market.

Cannabis & Tech Today: How is Kalvara fulfilling a need in the THC world?

Kendall Livingston: Kalvara was born from a belief that enjoying the effects of cannabis could be easier, cleaner, and more consistent. From the start, our aim was to create a smoke-free, no-guesswork alternative to other cannabis consumables. Several of our founders have a background in the beverage and spirits industries, and that experience helped develop an all-natural, cannabis-infused drink that delivers a great experience and a precise dose of THC every time.

C&T Today: How can Kalvara deliver such a precise dosage?

KL: Kalvara is able to achieve such precise dosing through utilization of the patented Vessl closure technology. Ten milligrams of THC are emulsified and inserted into each Vessl closure. The closure itself contains a chamber in which the THC beverage concentrate is stored. We then purge the closure of oxygen and pressurize with nitrogen to protect content and ensure maximal efficacy of the product at the point of consumption. Other products simply mix a total amount of THC into a product that is said to have multiple servings (such as a 100mg chocolate bar with 10mg square pieces). The problem with this outdated form of production is that the dosages become unreliable. One piece of chocolate may have 5mg THC where another piece may have 15. Other beverages in the industry have a similar problem due to THC oil separating in the bottle and leaving the consumer to shake and remix the product in hopes that they will pour their desired dosage. Our use of the Vessl technology sets Kalvara apart by giving the consumer the control and the confidence of knowing what to expect each and every time they twist a of Kalvara™.

C&T Today: What is the Vessl closure?

KL: The Vessl closure is a key piece of technology in our beverage. It’s essentially patented dosing and delivery system pressurized to protect content without the need of artificial preservatives. We insert the THC beverage concentrate inside the Vessl system. pressurize with nitrogen which evacuates the oxygen and keeps the beverage shelf-stable until ready to consume, without the use of artificial preservatives. As a result, the liquid has high bioavailability, which leads to a faster high – usually within only 15 minutes.

C&T Today: What does it taste like, anyway?

KL: I like to describe it as a light citrus flavor. It’s also zero-calorie and sweetened with monk fruit, with no sugar and no preservatives. It’s very light in flavor so you can consume it by itself, chilled or over ice. Some people enjoy it in a cocktail in place of alcohol.

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