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Is the Pandemic Hindering Global Cannabis Research and Innovation?

The cannabis movement and research surrounding the plant now have more momentum than at any other point since prohibition began.

The momentum for cannabis reform efforts and also for innovation in cannabis technology, medicine, and science is carrying the industry forward at a rapid pace.

Innovation has increased dramatically, thanks in large part to the spread of the legal cannabis industry worldwide.

However, cannabis research is still hindered in many ways all over the world. 

With the coronavirus pandemic slowing down just about everything on the planet right now, will it also slow down cannabis industry innovation and research?

Does Cannabis Being Designated As “Essential” Matter?

If you have turned on the TV or followed any trends on social media related to cannabis, you are likely aware that a growing number of jurisdictions have deemed cannabis “essential.”

The “essential” designation means that cannabis companies can continue to operate, including dispensaries, albeit with some additional requirements.

For instance, many cannabis dispensaries are limited to delivery services or selling cannabis via a curbside-service model.

The designation also applies in many instances to cannabis research, however, the cannabis industry has also been deemed as ineligible for many government stimulus funds, so researchers will have to find creative ways to fund their efforts in some cases.

Cannabis industry innovation will likely continue because if cannabis sales remain strong, which they appear to be for the time being, it will continue to drive innovation.

As long as there are significant dollars up for grabs, people will continue to try to find new ways to stand out in the cannabis industry and increase profits via innovation.

Cannabis Industry ‘Brain Drain’ Could Be A Factor

Right now it’s an all-hands-on-deck situation regarding the fight to end the coronavirus pandemic and the medical and research communities.

The global community is doing everything that it can to try to mitigate, and hopefully eventually eradicate, the coronavirus pandemic around the world.

It is very likely that some of the leading minds in the cannabis research and medical community will put their cannabis pursuits on hold to be able to turn their focus on the pandemic that is wreaking havoc across the planet.

How much of that will actually occur is uncertain at this time, however, it’s to assume that some professionals will redirect their focus, at least for the foreseeable future.


  • Johnny Green is the Media and Content Director for the International Cannabis Business Conference and has blogged about cannabis since January 2010.

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