4th Annual Private Investment Summit

Investment Summits Connect Startups with Capital

Investing in cannabis can seem like a daunting task. There are numerous startups across the nation, all of whom promise big returns in what is becoming an incredibly lucrative industry.

Fortunately, you don’t have to be a market expert to make an investment, and you don’t have to own a massive startup to have your pitch heard. The cannabis industry is being taken seriously by financial analysts and investment summits are becoming a popular option for investors and entrepreneurs alike.

Private Investment Summits

One such summit taking place on an international scale is hosted by Kahner Global. Their Cannabis Private Investment Summits are strategically positioned in markets ripe with investors. The summits are giving a voice to startups and bringing exciting opportunities to high-net-worth investors.

Kahner Global hosted their 4th Annual Cannabis Private Investment Summit in New York, NY in September at the offices of Duane Morris LLP, an international law firm representing clients from every sector of the legal cannabis industry.

The event touted some riveting speakers, including a keynote address from Emmy award-winning television personality Montel Williams. Williams recently founded Lenitiv Scientific and acts as a cannabis advocate and speaker for industry events across the globe.

Montel Private Investment Summit speaker
Keynote Speaker Montel Williams at the 4th Annual Cannabis Private Investment Summit in New York.

An Insider Perspective on Investment Summits

The Cannabis Private Investment Summit is an invitation-only educational event offered to family offices and high-net-worth investors. We spoke with Noa Kahner, CEO and Founder of the Summit, to learn more about the event and how it came to be.

Kahner elaborated on the goals of the Summit, “The event was founded in 2015 and it’s been running annually in New York City, Beverly Hills, Ft. Lauderdale and Toronto for the last few years with a focus on bringing together family offices and ultra-high-net-worth investors for a day long summit focused on discussion around investment opportunities in the cannabis space.”

The Summit is an opportunity for companies and investors to network and make connections with one another. Kahner continued, “We bring together thought leaders and private, as well as public, companies to the forum. They participate on various panels as well as a one hour pitch session for approximately six companies to participate in.”

Kahner Global hosts several Private Investment Summits each year in strategic locations, focusing on markets heavy with investors. “We make it easy for the investors to come to the conference, that’s our priority. If we have a conference with 140 attendees, we will have at least 100 investors at the event. They make up the majority of our conference, so what entrepreneur wouldn’t want to hop on a flight to come to something like that?”

Further, the event allows investors an opportunity to meet with potential partners who may be interested in co-investment opportunities. Kahner Global sees the cannabis industry as a high-growth market, with huge potential for healthcare and recreational investment opportunities.  

Upcoming Investment Summit Opportunities

The next offering from Kahner Global, The 3rd Annual Cannabis Private Investment Summit will take place October 23 at The Offices of Bennett Jones in Toronto, Canada. Pre-approved attendees can anticipate a highly tailored event in an intimate setting curated to facilitate an optimal deal flow for investors and entrepreneurs. You can find other cannabis networking events through services like New Cannabis Ventures’ events page

This has been a banner year for cannabis investments, with merger and acquisition activity at an all-time high. Further, the first ten months of 2018 generated more than $6 billion in marijuana industry investments. The market is hot for investors, and investment summits provide an ideal setting to network, make investments, and meet the innovative companies who will be revolutionizing the cannabis space in the years to come.


  • Patricia Miller is an executive editor at Innovative Properties Worldwide. She explores science, technology, and policy shaping the legal cannabis sector. Follow her work when you subscribe to Cannabis & Tech Today at or visit her website

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