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Finding a Cannabis Investment Marketplace

As one of the fastest growing industries in the nation, cannabis offers tremendous opportunity to all players.

However, both entrepreneurs and investors in the cannabis space experience a number of difficulties due to the lack of established systems and solutions.

Wrazel is home to a suite of tools to provide practical solutions to both cannabis professionals and cannabis investors.

At the core of Wrazel’s wheel of mutually reinforcing services is its Capital Raise Program that bridges the gap between successful business ideas and capital sources, in order to help facilitate the funding needed to carry companies to the next level.

Wrazel Investment Marketplace is a robust fintech service, specially designed for cannabis ventures to raise capital – and for investors who are looking to profit from our rapidly growing industry.

All listings on the Marketplace are carefully selected ventures with pre-vetted business plans, solid exit strategies, and compliant offering packages. features companies from all sectors of the cannabis industry.

For Investors is uniquely positioned to generate returns to investors well beyond the universe of traditional investment products.

In addition to giving accredited investors access to a curated list of cannabis investment listings, Wrazel vets each venture to verify accuracy, transparency, and legal compliance.

The interface makes it easy for investors to find cannabis ventures by market type and geographic location, and initiate a discussion with the principals of the company.

For Entrepreneurs

The platform allows business owners to present their opportunities in a format most conducive to the investor.

The software requires the investors to declare they are accredited before allowing them to view the financial information, ensuring the promotion of the offerings in compliance with SEC regulations.

Each listing is provided its own webpage within the marketplace so entrepreneurs can directly send interested investors to their offering.

In addition to increasing the exposure and online presence of their cannabis venture, having an investment listing on the Marketplace also provides entrepreneurs with the opportunity to benefit from Wrazel’s various media platforms and advertising channels.

Every business owner participating in Wrazel’s Capital Raise Program by launching their private offering on the Marketplace receives the opportunity to participate in a live-pitch event where they get to explain their business model and near future goals to Wrazel’s network of investors.

The founders and principles of the companies that work with Wrazel are also given the option to become a featured guest and/or advertise on Wrazel Cannabis Broadcasting Network.


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