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Profit, Policy, and Hip-Hop at ICBC 2020

When you hear the words, “business conference,” you might imagine starched suits, bad coffee, and dry presentations. You likely didn’t imagine Del the Funky Homosapien is not only in attendance, but will be performing during the after party. Yes, this conference has an after party.

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Spectacular after parties are just another reason why the ICBC is the planet Earth’s premier cannabis networking event.

This year’s International Cannabis Business Conference (ICBC) in San Francisco is full of unexpected surprises. For instance, a Presidential Candidate will be hosting a discussion on federal cannabis reform.

Congresswoman Tulsi Gabbard will be Skyping in to share her views on federal policy and what the future might hold for the once controversial substance.

It wasn’t long ago when politicians wouldn’t dare to speak about cannabis reform, let alone offer a speech at a cannabis conference.

Now, as the legal landscape opens up both in the United States and abroad, nearly every Presidential Candidate is discussing this issue during their campaign.

ICBC, in its usual style, stands out among industry conferences for offering attendees an intimate glimpse into the political landscape that will shape the growth of their businesses in the coming years.

Conferences like these are often a powerful tool for gaining insight into specific markets. California, as the largest market in the U.S., will be a topic of intense discussion at this year’s ICBC in San Francisco.

The event will offer insights from the California Bureau of Cannabis Control, the United Cannabis Business Association, and the CalCannabis Cultivation Licensing Division, among others. 

Like any well-rounded business conference, growth, profitability, and branding will be hot topics. ICBC gathered top experts in the fields of M&A, capital, finance, and law to share their insights with eager attendees.

Efficiency and automation will be another area of interest for attendees at this year’s ICBC in San Francisco. Nearly an hour of the conference’s packed schedule is devoted to discussing new technologies that are helping companies to remain compliant, scalable, and transparent.

These technologies can also help protect intellectual property and consumer data, which will be another topic of interest at the event.

Though cannabis business conferences fill their time carefully with speakers and panelists, the most important aspect of attendance will always be networking. These events were designed to bring together the best and brightest in the space so they can form connections, build partnerships, and advance their collective knowledge.

Networking is a key component of a successful business conference.
Networking is a key component of a successful business conference.

Whether it’s post-show cocktails or mid-day luncheons with like-minded entrepreneurs, there’s always time to slow down and mingle.

Another unique aspect of international events like ICBC is their ability to bring in views from across the globe, so you never know what innovative ideas will develop from such a diverse gathering of minds.

Whether you’re a veteran in the industry or just starting out, business conferences can be a powerful tool for developing one’s career and expertise.

There’s still time to attend this year’s ICBC in San Francisco. The event takes place February 6-7 at the Hilton Union Square and tickets are available through the ICBC website starting at $499.


  • Ebby Stone is a freelance writer specializing in cannabis, with a focus on the innovators and businesses shaping the industry.

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