Happy Munkey and the Museum of Sex

7/10, like its more established sister holiday, 4/20, is a mythical holiday that occurs on July 10th. It is rumored to have originated on the West Coast but is quickly catching on nationwide. In the days of old-school alpha numeric texting, 710 became a euphemism for cannabis concentrates because it spells out 0IL when rotated 180 degrees. Happy Munkey’s Sensual Soirée at the iconic Museum of Sex on Monday night delivered an epic evening of fun and education around concentrates and cannabis.

Culture Not Vultures

Happy Munkey began as a discreet cannabis consumption lounge and has scaled into a production company. Happy Munkey’s co-founders, Ramon Reyes, and Vladimir Bautista — both from the Dominican Republic and raised in New York City — started the brand six years ago and began hosting cannabis-related events, according to the New York Times

Happy Munkey started hosting compliant cannabis events in 2021, most notably the Immersive Van Gogh exhibit at Pier 36. Through this process, the collective rapidly expands its fanbase. 

“As thought leaders, our activations educate the community on 710’s significance. We’re helping people to understand all the different cannabis oils and concentrates available in the industry,” explains Happy Munkey Co-Founder and culture connoisseur Vlad Bautista. “On a deeper level, it is also time for cannabis and Happy Munkey not to be the best-kept secret anymore.”

Happy Munkey has previously organized events that bring together people in the cannabis industry, such as growers, processors, and dispensary owners. These events provided an opportunity for people to network and collaborate. Now the brand seeks to branch out. 

“We are past throwing events just for cannabis insiders and super duper stoners. We have to create environments where random people can come to a cool event at the Museum of Sex and happen to learn about cannabis.” 

The stalwart cannabis community and beyond packed the Museum of Sex’s multiple floors. The prolific Sensual Soirée brought out hundreds of people from all walks of life on a Monday night, with the only common denominators being enthusiasm for either cannabis or sex –– both prodigious interests that have encountered prohibition. 

“Happy Munkey’s event also served to punctuate the fact that cannabis culture, as with sexual exploration and experimentation, has always found a way to flourish, even in the face of societal constraints,” wrote Harrison Wise in TheBluntness.  

Happy Munkey showcased an immersive, intriguing experience that linked the heterogeneous crowd of NYC’s cannabis culture with the world of playful sensuality

From a Shibari demonstration (Poor Armie Hammer missed out!) to a bouncy house made of breasts to a complimentary cannabis-infused beverage bar courtesy of CANN to dildo-throwing carnival games, the immersive experience was filled with visual stimulation. There was even a small movie theater showing a short film about the origins and evolution of sex workers throughout the ages. 

Comedian Hannibal Buress, Women Grow leaders Gia Morón and Tanya Osborne, Last Prisoner Project’s Mary Bailey, Etain’s Director of Marketing Jes Feuer, and Skip Intro Advisors lead attorney David Feldman were all in attendance, enjoying activations including Sanna CBD Yoga’s physical demonstration. 

In keeping with the venue’s theme, Ms. Osborne looked every inch an Editrix, complete with a corset and a riding crop. Ms. Morón, who often dresses to the nines in executive wear, opted for trendy Brooklyn street style for this laid-back event. Another partygoer presented in naughty nurse gear, while Ms. Bailey opted to wear her signature hat, which made her easy to locate in the crowd. 

“What is going to set New York and Happy Munkey apart is that New York is a melting pot,” says Bautista. “Our event drew everyone from high society to super stoners, doctors, lawyers, politicians, porn stars, and gangsters, all coexisting in peace, love, and happiness.” 

Happy Munkey’s 3rd annual 7/10 Sensual Soirée, held at the iconic Museum of Sex on 5th Avenue in New York City, demonstrated a positive evolution for the once-underground legacy hotbox cannabis haven. Cannabis & Tech Today is here for the juxtaposition of cannabis and sex.  

Too Blessed to be Stressed

The salubrious Museum of Sex features a defacto down-only elevator as a risible slide that expells people on the ground floor through a zebra-striped anus—image courtesy of Chris Ayala.

“Based on the turnout and positive feedback we received from the community, the 7/10 event is likely to become an annual Happy Munkey staple,” said Director of HR & Operations Vanessa Perez. 

The ultimate goal for Happy Munkey’s partners is to obtain a cannabis operations license and open dispensaries in New York. In the meantime, the company plans to keep educating New Yorkers about cannabis consumption in enjoyable and unique ways. 

Header Image “Museum of Sex by David Shankbone” by David Shankbone is licensed under CC BY-SA 3.0.


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