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Cannabis Tournaments Add More Green to the Golf Course

Cannabis is quickly joining golf as American’s favorite pastime, so it makes perfect sense why the two would be paired together. 

Elf Golf Co-Founder Mitch Crump. All photos courtesy of Mitch Crump.

Thankfully, there are a lot of nonprofit organizations and businesses within our industry using the social game of golf to unite, network, and raise awareness for cannabis causes. 

There is nothing that brings people together more than cannabis, and having a golf tournament that promotes cannabis education, wellness, and further reduces the stigma of the plant is a win for everyone.

Elf Golf: The Jack Herer 2nd Annual Golf Tournament

Since starting in 2019, ELF Golf, created by Co-Founder Mitch Crump and Co-Founder Greg Mills, has created a space where professional, and even novice golfers can have a good time while also making a serious change in the world.

Elf Golf Co-Founder Greg Mills.

According to Crump, 75% of the tournament’s proceeds are donated to a non-profit organization. 

The Jack Herer 2nd annual golf tournament on October 8th will be held in Littleton, Colorado at the Arrowhead Golf Club with a $2,000 purse awarded to the best foursome.

The tournament will be supporting the Jack Herer foundation, a nonprofit dedicated to hemp education. The foundation is raising money to purchase a 55 ft. RV so that they can travel all over America to educate students and teachers about hemp. 

Cannabis education is something that Crump is passionate about, as he uses the cannabis plant to help him through his battle with cancer.

 “In 2020, I started using CBD products to help keep me healing from the chemo killing all my organs. So far, hemp’s been helping me and I just want to educate people that hemp is a true plant,” said Crump.  “It’s not a pharmaceutical company that’s running it. It’s something natural from the Earth that we’re given.”

The first Jack Herer golf tournament brought together over 144 golfers and more than 200 spectators.

Depending on the country club’s approval, spectators and participants can actually consume cannabis at the tournament. Luckily for golfers, Crump is a member of 198 country clubs in the United States. 

Dan Herer, the son of Jack Herer.

The tournaments become almost like an expo, where even non-golfers can explore booths, try different cannabis strains, taste edibles, learn more about the plant, and network. 

Arrowhead Country Club in Colorado.

After the Jack Herer 2nd annual golf tournament in Arrowhead Country Club in Colorado, they will be heading to Porter Ranch, California on November 15 with 25 more tournaments lined up after that.

Those interested in hiring ELF Golf to book a tournament can visit their website at

“It doesn’t matter what side of the tracks you come from, everybody golfs — from major corporations to your mom and pop shops … It’s great networking and people open up to you. You got four hours of playtime so you’re going to find a friend that has something compatible you can talk to about,” said Crump. 

Athletes For Care Golf Tour Presented by Chronic 

Athletes For Care is another influential nonprofit dedicated to bringing relief to those suffering with a variety of ailments, including chronic pain, depression, anxiety, PTSD, substance abuse, and opioid dependency. 

Out of their 13 founders, eleven of them are some of the biggest names in professional sports who are all huge supporters of the cannabis plant: former Chicago Bears and Jacksonville Jaguars NFL player Eben Britton, former Philadelphia Flyers NHL player Riley Cote, and UCF Heavyweight champion Bas Rutten — just to name a few. 

This goes to show that from the very root of their organization, Athletes For Care knows how beneficial the cannabis plant can be, not just for the athletic community, but anyone needing recovery for their body’s physical and mental aches and pain. 

Athlete’s For Care charity golf tournament sponsored by Chronic Cannabis Branding travels all through America and Canada. 

Their next tournament is August 19 at the Bolingbrook Golf Club in Chicago, IL, where all event sponsorships include 18-holes of golf, food, sponsor gift package, and the opportunity to support the health of athletes. And when going to a tournament, bringing a rangefinder for golf is a must. 

Their next tournaments will be located in Los Angeles, CA and Jacksonville, FL. 

Tickets to purchase a sponsorship, golf packages, or even just donate, can be found here

Online registration is available until August 12, 2021. 

Chronic Relief 4/20 Golf Tournament 

Dave Tran and James Zachodni are familiar with hosting unconventional events, in fact, they made a career out of it. 

Utilizing years of experience in media, marketing, and organizing star-studded events (which included celebrities like Redman and members of the Wu Tang Clan), their unique Farechild Events platform was born. 

Zachodni, Farechild’s chief executive officer, stated on their website that, “With each passing day, events became a more vital part of the human experience.” 

To celebrate the festivities of 4/20, Farechild Events put on their second annual Chronic Relief 2021 4/20 Charity Golf Tournament. 

Golfers had the chance to play 18-holes at the beautiful Echo Falls Golf Club in Snohomish, WA, all within state COVID-19 guidelines. 

Tran and Zachodni created Chronic Relief in 2020 to help those impacted by the pandemic by raising thousands for Feeding America. 

While their first event was virtual, Chronic Relief returned on 4/20, 2021 in person at the golf course to further their mission of providing families relief during these difficult times. 

George Jage, CEO and Founder of MJ Unpacked and MJ Brand Insights said in an article with MJ Brand Insights that, “people are wanting to get out, and golf provides the opportunity for outdoor social distancing, but still allows us to bring our community together.” 

Lemonhaze Executive Golf Classic

Lemonhaze was originally an ancillary data service provider for the cannabis industry and quickly recognized the importance of the relationship between budtenders and consumers and how connection can only strengthen our growing industry.

By thinking out of the box and creating enticing conventions, budtender parties, and virtual upfronts, Lemonhaze has united thousands of cannabis industry trailblazers, sales people, and retail buyers to network, get to know one another, and welcome fresh faces into the growing sector. 

Known for their in-person events, Lemonhaze was forced to pivot during the pandemic, thinking of a new, innovative idea to bring people together. Golf seemed to be the perfect socially-distant opportunity.

Their next upcoming tournament will be at TPC Michigan in Dearborn, MI on August 23.

Foursomes will be made of notorious Lemonhaze handpicked cannabis industry executives. It’s a great opportunity to network with players, cannabis executives, and browse the sponsors. 

Social distancing will be enforced at all of their outside golf events and scoring will be virtual with no need for score cards to be handed in. 

The event schedule starts bright and early at 8:30 a.m., and involves a bloody mary open bar, an industry mixer, food, and of course, golf. 

Lemonhaze’s upcoming tournaments are located in Southern California, Illinois, and Florida. To learn more about the golf tournament and to get a call from one of their representatives, check out their website.

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