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Bringing Hemp Safely to the Masses

Since the 2018 Farm Bill was signed into law in the United States, we have watched the hemp industry shift, pivot, and grow unexpectedly and uniquely. Following the federal government’s descheduling of hemp, activists and enthusiasts seized the opportunity to broaden access to various compounds. 

All in all, this product expansion should be celebrated. Any effort to bring cannabis to citizens should be viewed as a step toward righting a century of inequity created by a bigoted government. 

However, without proper regulations forcing operators to create safe and properly labeled products, some have exploited the system for financial gain. 

Creating Certainty in U.S. Hemp

In the absence of federal regulations from the US Food and Drug Administration (FDA), the U.S. Hemp Authority (USHA) was founded in 2018.

In an effort to create a pathway for industry self-regulation, USHA launched the nation’s first hemp-based product certification program the following year. The program audits and certifies hemp-based consumable products using a method similar to how the FDA regulates dietary supplements and food products.

This level of certification adds assurance to the entire supply chain. With a clear certificate on display, consumers have a way to verify whether a hemp product has been made according to best practices and standards. In doing so, consumer and product confidence soars. 

These requirements should be the minimum goal for all hemp-based manufacturers. That’s particularly true as the market shifts and expands. The industry has undergone multiple changes since 2018.

While the USHA has certified organizations and products for years, up until now, what most would consider adult use hemp products have not been permitted to certify. With adult use products comprising the overwhelming majority of the market, an Adult Use Certification Program is in the works from USHA. 

This new USHA program aims to audit and certify adult-use-only products. Its secondary goal is to serve as a guideline for state and federal agencies to utilize when creating legislation and regulations. The effort remains ongoing and welcomes input.

In Support of Hemp Regulations

After speaking with the presidents of multiple hemp trade associations, it appears that the vast majority of operators in the space support regulations. They applaud efforts that support the good operators in the industry and separate themselves from those who seem motivated by profit alone.

The adult use program from USHA remains in development. We encourage industry participation as it takes shape. If you are interested in providing input, don’t hesitate to contact

Together, we can pave a pathway to bring cannabis to the people in a safe manner. We fervently hope that the program will send a message to legislators that USHA and much of the market encourage safe use, and believe regulations are mandatory for a stable industry. 

Join USHA in creating the future of cannabis.

Photo by Jonathan Olsen-Koziol on Unsplash

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