3 Ways to Make Your Brand’s Packaging Stand Out

Cannabis is a booming industry. In fact, there were 9,397 active licenses for marijuana businesses in the U.S. in 2017, according to Cannabiz Media.  

In such a crowded marketplace, it’s more important than ever for dispensaries – as well as the licensed producers and growers they partner with – to differentiate themselves in a way that abides by strict laws and regulations. This is especially true of child-safe packaging requirements.

What’s more, those laws are moving more and more in the direction of premeasured, pre-analyzed, and prepackaged product fulfilled by larger production facilities. Not only that, but cannabis dispensaries and consumers alike are seeking opportunities to partner with sustainably-minded companies who provide recycled and post-consumer recycled product.

In short, cannabis companies are looking for attractive, child-safe, and sustainable packaging solutions that meet legislative requirements and have minimal impact on the environment.

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Enter Alpha Packaging. Alpha is a manufacturer of high-quality, child-resistant plastic packaging for the nutritional supplement, pharmaceutical, and legal cannabis industries. For licensed producers and growers looking to package their legal cannabis products for retail sale, Alpha Packaging offers an attractive solution.

“Alpha Packaging offers a suite of compliant plastic packaging that is high-quality and high style,” says Vice President of Marketing Marny Bielefeldt. “Having professional-looking packaging helps brand owners as they work hard to establish the legitimacy of this industry, and creates a brand consumers can trust.”

With sustainable plastic, child-safe, and aesthetically pleasing packaging options, Alpha Packaging offers a trifecta of benefits among their packaging options, which makes them an attractive, authentic, and easy solution for growers as well as dispensaries. Here are the three strategies that make sure your brand’s packaging will stand out, while staying within regulations.

Sustainably Sourced

Many consumers and brands are expressing concern about plastics – especially when we aren’t able to recycle them. Instead, they’re looking for options that will help lighten their carbon footprint. Alpha Packaging offers a wide range of stock and custom-made bottles and jars made from 100-percent reclaimed, post-consumer recycled plastic. This is plastic that has been repelletized and recrystalized, which requires less energy than it takes to make new plastic, and is FDA-approved for safe food contact.


For those dispensaries and producers seeking child-resistant packaging options developed especially for cannabis and cannabidiol products, Alpha Packaging offers sophisticated solutions that meet legal requirements and also appeal to modern producers.

Visually Appealing

Many bottles and jars currently used for cannabis products have a certain pharmaceutical “mushroom cap” look to them because closures that comply with Child Product Safety Commission testing typically hang over the container. Alpha Packaging improved on this look, re-engineering some of their bottles and jars to make them compatible with child-resistant closures while also looking more streamlined and flush to the lid – more along the lines of a high-end cosmetics container.

When it comes to appealing to potential customers, the visual look and feel is a critical component and another way companies can set themselves and their product apart from the rest.


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