4 Hemp Home Accessories Retailers and Cannasseurs Will Love

Many people view hemp as an all-purpose material with countless uses. So why aren’t cannabis retailers carrying more hemp gear? Maybe there isn’t enough awareness of the everyday items that hemp can create.

If you’re an eco-conscious person seeking sustainable stuff, or a retailer looking for ways to diversify your displays, hemp has something for everyone.

Hemp Dog and Cat Toys

If your Fido or feline is fond of playtime, hemp toys are a durable, sustainable alternative to cotton or rubber materials.

A quick internet search offers a wide variety of hemp toys, but some companies take special care to offer only chemical-free, pet-friendly gear. 

Boba & Vespa create hemp dog bones and catnip toys without toxic dyes, squeakers, or pesticides. A bonus for Boba & Vespa is it makes its toys in America.

If sustainability is important to you, look for products as close to home as possible.

Laptop Bags

It’s always a good time to upgrade your work-from-anywhere gear. Why stick to the humdrum styles of yesteryear when you can step into the future of sustainable fashion?

Hempnath makes affordable, durable hemp laptop cases in six subtle colors. 

Hemptique is another brand making laptop bags with modern styling.

The company’s designs blend elegance with function, offering a stiff outer case with ample inner pockets for organizing office accessories. Both brands manufacture their products in Europe. 


Several brands recently added hemp furniture to their catalogs. The Hemp Fine and Hemp High collections from Vepa the Furniture Factory use waste fiber derived from hemp processing.

The hemp fiber is combined with a proprietary bio-resin to create all-natural chairs with an elegant, leather-like appearance.

The Hemp Fine and Hemp High collections from Vepa the Furniture Factory use waste fiber derived from hemp processing.

JOKA Kapsamer’s lounge furniture range, Viale & Corso, features hemp cushion covers. The natural fibers accent the minimalist aesthetic of the series.

Revor Group also took a minimalist approach in the design of its SIGNATUR bed. It’s crafted from wood, organic wool, organic cotton, hemp, natural latex, horsehair, linen, and jute. 


Hemp sunglasses would display beautifully on any retail shelf. They are lightweight, naturally antibacterial, and offer UV protection.

Hemp Eyewear Edinburgh is one purveyor of hemp glasses that are both eco-friendly and stylish. Each pair is handmade in the company’s Scotland workshop.

Hemp3d, an American company based in Nebraska, offers several unique eyewear styles. Bio-based hemp composite frames pair with UV protective lenses.

The company also makes custom items and other hemp-based accessories.

On the Hunt for Hemp

Domestic hemp manufacturing is limited, so your search for hemp might take you overseas for now. Read item descriptions carefully, as “hemp” can also refer to color rather than material.

If you can’t find an item you’d love to see made from hemp, consider writing your favorite brands to let them know your preferences.

If more customers speak up, American hemp processing facilities may start to expand. Until then, you may have to weigh the eco-friendliness of hemp against the carbon footprint of international shipping.


  • Ebby Stone is a freelance writer specializing in cannabis, with a focus on the innovators and businesses shaping the industry.

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