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Celebrate 420 in High Style With This Premium Cannabis Gear

Looking for the perfect cannabis accessory to compliment your 420 plans? These high-tech cannabis products are sure to please. For connoisseurs and industry pros, these gadgets will take your 420 to a higher level.

Hitoki Trident

As the cannabis industry continues to evolve, so does the way we smoke. Hitoki is making a name for itself designing luxurious, high-tech cannabis products. Their new Trident is a patent-pending laser combustion smoking device. Its combustion method works like a magnifying glass under the sun, eliminating the need to use butane from a lighter. This technology creates a cleaner smoke that allows you to get a true taste of your flower. The Hitoki Trident comes in three fashionable colors: 24K Gold ($650), Black ($500), and Rose Gold ($500). 

WaveWasher Ultrasonic 420 Cleaning Machine

There’s nothing worse than a dirty bong. Not only will your cannabis taste bad, but your bong could contain mold, mildew, and bacteria. WaveWasher is the first and only 420 dishwasher that cleans glass and removes residue quickly. Press the button on the Wave Washer and warm water will be blasted with ultrasonic sound waves to sanitize your equipment with 50-100% less isopropyl alcohol and no salt. Your bong and 420 smoking accessories will look great, and your lungs will thank you too. $250

PET CRC Compatible Jars by Alpha Packaging

Maintaining the quality and safety of cannabis requires specialized packaging. These polyethylene terephthalate (PET) jars are sleek, child-resistant, and can be made from 100% post-consumer (recycled) PET. Adult-use cannabis jars are available in 4-ounce, 6-ounce, and 8-ounce with a 70mm neck finish, as well as a 6-ounce with a 63mm finish. Jars can be blow molded in clear, transparent, or opaque colors. Select styles and colors are stocked at Alpha Packaging’s warehouse and are available by the case. Request a quote through their website:

DaVinci IQC

Be a trendsetter with the sleek and classy IQC vaporizer from DaVinci. Available in four vibrant colors, this vaporizer lives up to its namesake by looking like a work of art. The versatile vaporizer has advanced temperature control, app connectivity, replaceable and rechargeable battery, USB Type-C charging, and the ability to charge your phone on the go. The IQC additionally features precision temperature settings to 430°F / 221°C, 30-second heat up time, 0.5g oven capacity, and is heavy metals tested. $229

ACS Laboratory’s Tested Safe Certified Seals

Behind each proprietary ACS Seal is a Certificate of Analysis (COA) that features the results of every full-panel test that your product received. The COA is also branded with the trademarked TESTED SAFE CERTIFIED SEAL, showing customers that your brand is transparent, accountable, and happy to share its ingredients. Available free of charge to help create a more trustworthy industry.

The Flower-Friendly Process by Rad Source Photonic Decontamination

Don’t question your cannabis, be confident in your flower. Rad Source Technologies provides the cannabis industry with the only microbial remediation devices that use patented Quastar technology to inactivate 99.9% of harmful microbes while maintaining the integrity of the plant. The RS 420•XL Cannabis Decontamination System provides a true peace-of-mind cannabis remediation experience resulting in nominal-to-zero adverse effect to the flower. It’s time to pass state-mandated testing levels without worry. Call for pricing.

Session Goods Bong

Session Goods’ bongs and accessories were crafted to eliminate the taboo nature of cannabis consumption with easy-to-use, beautiful smoking devices for every lifestyle. Made of 4mm thick borosilicate glass, this modern, sleek, designer bong could be mistaken for an art piece in your home. In fact, each bong sold in paradise, horizon, and moonlight colors is paired with an exclusive art print. The piece also includes two different bowls and an extra downstem. Sit back, relax, and smoke in style. $120

EnviroPro Air Handling Product Family by Surna Cultivation Technologies

Temperature and humidity control is crucial when cultivating cannabis. With Surna’s new expanded line of curated HVAC products, cultivators can find energy-efficient options and DX systems for consistent and reliable cooling, heating, and dehumidifying solutions, all without burning a hole in your wallet. Fit your unique grow needs by checking out the EnviroPro DX HVACD units, custom DX air handles, custom-chilled water air handlers, and mini air handlers. Visit for pricing.

Keef Life H20 Cannabis Beverage

Keef Life H20 is the perfect beverage for any cannabis enthusiast who wants a refreshing, non-alcoholic buzz after a long day. Vegan, gluten free, and with only 1 gram of sugar per serving, it meets the needs of anyone focusing on their health. Each beverage contains 100mg THC and comes in cranberry lime (sativa), blueberry lemon (indica), and strawberry kiwi (hybrid). It’s perfect to mix with your favorite beverage or drink on its own. Bottoms up! Prices vary

Azuca Syrups from Everest Apothecary

There’s nothing like winding down with a hot cup of tea in the evening. Azuca Syrups kick your favorite beverage up a notch with their Azuca Time Infusion sweet syrup, which quickly creates a Delta-9 THC experience akin to smoking. Mix the delicious fast-acting syrup into any of your favorite beverages, like tea, seltzer, or coffee, and feel the effects in 2-15 minutes. $25 per bottle

The MIGHTY PYTHON from Tom’s Tumbler

The Mighty Python exceeds expectations by offering a versatile, all-in-one, continuous feed, bladeless trimmer that dry trims, Cryo trims, sorts, and extracts kief. The Mighty Python can trim 400-600 lbs per hour with minimal loss of trichomes, terpenes, or flower structure. The Python can sort four different sized flowers and makes kiefing a breeze due to its 170 micron kief screen. Invented by a grower for growers, the Python was designed to meet the needs of any harvest. Call for pricing.

THC Girls App

Want a way to network with other cannabis professionals anywhere you go? The THC Girls App is the newest cannabis networking platform that directly connects ambassadors, influencers, and vendors. You can connect directly with vendors to expand your company or hire experienced ambassadors and influencers to showcase your products to the world. From your very own phone, the THC Girls app is your one-stop shop to build a world-class community. The THC GIRLS app is FREE to download. The THC Girls Model membership is only $15 to $30 monthly and $25 yearly for vendors.

IDENTITY Superfood Coffee Creamer

Take your mornings to the next level with a delicious, healthy, dairy-free, CBD-infused coffee creamer from wellness brand IDENTITY. Available in honey, vanilla, coconut, and cacao, these coffee creamers are made from organic ingredients and also soy-free and gluten-free with no artificial sweeteners nor THC, and are third-party tested. They can mix perfectly in teas, smoothies, dips, and desserts for a delicious twist. Each single serving creamer packet contains 10 mg of hemp CBD. $5.00 for a single serving packet. $45 for a 10 Pack.

The Puffco Plus

The Plus Pen by Puffco is a perfect gift for any vape enthusiast who is always on-the-go. The Plus features a coil-free ceramic chamber, free from contaminants like glue or plastic, which ensures a faster heating time and terrific taste. The versatile mouthpiece of the Plus can also be used as a dart loader for portable use when packaging concentrates. The minimalist, sheek design of the Puffco Plus allows the vape pen to be both discrete and the life of the party. $90

CompactDry Yeast Mold Rapid by Hardy Diagnostics

Cannabis is medicine and no one wants a medicine that makes the consumer sick. Hardy Diagnostics’ CompactDry Yeast Mold Rapid is AOAC PTM validated and can detect yeast and molds in cannabis in as little as 72 hours. CompactDry is incredibly easy to use, convenient, and makes microbial testing a breeze. Call for pricing

Cloudious9 Atomic9 Vaporizer

With breakthrough patent-pending Dual Layer heating technology, this device is one of the smallest and most economical convection quality vaporizers ever made. The device has six adjustable temperatures, a rapid vapor cooling chamber, full access cleaning, and a nifty retractable herb shovel for convenience. The pocket-sized vape, which comes in both black and gray, contains a one button user interface and heats in 30-45 seconds. $60 

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