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Prepare to expand your mind with Cannabis & Tech Today’s “Most Innovative” issue. Discover the widening World of Weed with this issue’s cover star, actress and entrepreneur Brooke Burgstahler. Explore the East Coast dispensary scene with the female-founders of Etain. Hot for hemp? Check out Pinky Cole’s sexy new vegan gummies. Not hot enough for you? Immerse yourself in Arizona’s thriving cannabis tech scene. Find out what would happen if you could smoke NFTs. Thirsting for more of the most innovative?
  • Top 20 Most Innovative Products
  • Who Won the Sustainable Leadership Awards?
  • AG Tech’s Automation Takeover
  • Crafting Inclusivity in the Cannabiz
  • A Lighter Take on 2022 Industry Predictions
  • Eye-Opening International Innovations
  • Custom Terpenes for Targeted Outcomes
  • 2021’s Innovator of the Year

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