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5 Funny Women Breathing New Life Into Cannabis Comedy

It’s no joke that women love cannabis. In fact, according to the cannabis data analytics firm Headset, Gen Z women had the fastest growth in legal cannabis year-over-year sales during the pandemic.

However, the majority of cannabis consumers still lean heavily male. How much of that is because of the negative stigma still attached to women smoking cannabis? 

From television to movies to stand-up comedy, cannabis has long been associated with men. The bros had their Cheech and Chong, their Dazed and Confused, and every single Judd Apatow movie, but what did women have?

It’s no surprise then, that women are afraid to admit their cannabis use. In a poll created by cannabis lifestyle brand Van der Pop, 66% of the 1,530 women interviewed admitted that they hid their cannabis consumption for fear of being judged. 

Thankfully, in the last few years, there have been fantastic women creators and comedians showcasing relatable female-oriented cannabis content to reduce the stigma.

Ilana Glazer and Abbi Jacobson released their groundbreaking comedy Broad City, which was a breath of fresh air, depicting what for many women was an authentic, relatable relationship with cannabis. Recently, the comedic television series High Herstory focuses on female-identifying individuals reenacting the stories of historical women — all while high. 

Representation onscreen and in the media matters, and we’re excited to highlight some trailblazing women who are making an impact in the comedy scene.

Cannabis is empowering, it’s healing, and most of all, it’s feminist. After all, only female cannabis plants can produce buds. 

Iman Richardson

New York actress and comedian, regular performer at the famed Upright Citizens Brigade.

Richardson has performed on shows like Crashing on HBO, Frank & Lamar on IFC, and High Herstory. Richardson describes herself as a very physical actress and a former dancer. 

C&T Today: How does cannabis play a role in your creative process, particularly when writing comedy?

“When creating comedy, cannabis allows the doubt to go away for me. I naturally over think too much, but the plant holds space for me to listen to my inner voice and my inner experience, and I think that’s where the [laughs] come from. I go into this cosmic portal after a few hits and then the thoughts, ideas, and jokes start flowing. Like a lot. Like pouring out of the synapses in my brain.”

Annette Mia Flores

Founder, director, producer, and actress in the television series High Herstory.

Her goal is to create an inclusive space for those who identify as female and who also love cannabis. Flores is devoted to intersectional feminism, cannabis education, and ending the war on drugs. 

C&T Today: Why did you choose to incorporate cannabis into your comedy routine? 

“Comedy comes from honesty and I feel being a cannabis user is just one facet of my personality. If I can exploit and exaggerate some qualities of my life that I find funny I will, period. The fact that I like to toke-up at parties rather than drink is part of that persona. I grew up listening to comics like Mitch Hedberg and watching movies like Dazed and Confused, so I feel like it’s part of my comedic make-up, and that it comes naturally to me.”


Comedian, musician, and cannabis social media influencer.

As she raps in her music video RICK ROSS, which premiered on 4/20, Wowashwow is the self proclaimed “queen of bops.” With her stunning visuals and clever lyrics, it’s no surprise that her songs can reach up to 60,000 plays on SoundCloud. 

C&T Today: What’s the strangest experience you’ve had with cannabis?

“The first time I smoked weed was in college in NYC, and that’s when I discovered the movie Half Baked was not just a comedy, but a real-life documentary. A true, poignant, real-life think piece of the NYC stoner. 

For example, I discovered delivery services were a real thing in the city. I was standing in a McDonalds minding my own business waiting on my nuggets, then this random guy hands me a business card and walks away.

Obviously, I had to call the number and waited with my dorm mates for a return call. Within 45 minutes a girl shows up with a Gucci satchel and lays out five different types of strains to select from. At that moment I believed everything Dave Chappelle said about weed. Not anything else, but weed? Absolutely.”

Rachel Strauss Muniz 

Comedian, actress, voice actress, and co-host of the Webby Award-nominated podcast Latinos Out Loud.

Muniz is a seasoned sketch performer and is part of comedy group Room 28, which holds the title as the longest running multicultural sketch comedy troupe in New York City. 

C&T Today: Why did you choose to incorporate cannabis into your comedy routine? 

“When I took the leap from corporate to comedy seven years ago, I hid behind the smoke… not really revealing my canna-passion. I was afraid of judgement and of my habits affecting potential job opportunities. And, of course, the fear of my mom finding out I smoke and throwing a flip flop at my mouth. But then I checked myself. And if I truly take pride in being who I am on the podcast airwaves and off, then I must speak my truth and be me 24/7.”

Mary Jane Gibson

Actress, writer, former editor at High Times magazine, and an avid cannabis advocate.

Gibson is the co-host of the raved about cannabis podcast Weed + Grub and was named as “one of the 15 most powerful women in the weed industry,” by Complex

C&T Today: What’s the strangest or most enjoyable experience you’ve had with cannabis? 

“When’s the last time you laughed so hard you felt your soul expand?

Lately, I’ve settled into an evening routine of eating an edible and curling up in front of the TV with my fur fam (dog, cat) and my squeeze (human) with a Must Love Bananas non-dairy frozen dessert (trust me).

Two nights ago we laughed so hard at something we were watching on the Food Network that I almost cracked a rib. I was crying, I couldn’t breathe. It was so, so good. The joy of an edible high when you’re cozy at home is absolute medicine, whether or not you think of it that way.”

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