Why Growers Are Switching to VidaWool

For commercial cultivators, deciding on the ideal substrate isn’t hard. But finding the right growing media partner hasn’t been so easy. Until now. More and more growers across the country are switching from their current growing media supplier to VidaWool®, designed for the consistency, precision, and repeatability they demand, from a U.S. company with decades of expertise in mineral wool.

Intelligently designed to optimize the distribution of water and nutrients throughout the plant, VidaWool® is being praised by growers for its consistency. As Ron Goldman of Hydrobuilder puts it, “If I buy 10,000 blocks, I want them to be all exactly the same. VidaWool® is.” 

That consistency for even water dispersion to optimize nutrient availability and predictable water retention for precise nutrient delivery. The alternative mineral wool growing medium is also engineered to help reduce the proliferation of algae*. 

And VidaWool’s consistency goes beyond the way the product delivers for growers – it’s also in the way the product is delivered to growers. Supply chain issues are less of an issue because VidaWool® is manufactured and distributed in North America. Growers don’t have to worry about growing media availability issues disrupting their operations. Growing media is available when it is needed through a vetted network of industry partners. “We don’t have to worry about our VidaWool® pallets getting stuck in some canal,” says Daniel Craveiro, a VidaWool® convert at Camaraderie Technology.

VidaWool® reduces the guesswork when it comes to planting, with a plug-and-play design that eases clone insertion and transitions, and a slab design that eliminates cutting and scoring. This kind of thinking removes wasted time and creates a systemic approach for harvest efficiency.

The result of VidaWool’s consistency and precision is what every grower needs: repeatability. VidaWool® is validated to support confidence in plant quality season after season. Tested and evaluated by scientists and independent researchers, VidaWool® is supported by a network of experts dedicated to consistency, precision and repeatability, harvest after harvest.

Complementing the science, VidaWool® is supported by a network of horticultural experts who offer consulting and guidance relevant to growers and their operations. This network of experts provide insight and expertise into the product’s design and works with growers to understand and address challenges in the field. From a sustainability perspective, VidaWool® incorporates 70% recycled content into every plug, block and slab.

Chase Horsburgh of Wheelhouse says,” I don’t think there’s one reason to switch to VidaWool®. There’s probably three or four.” Contact us to see how you can switch, too. 

The testimonials are from individual growers who received product from Owens Corning Mineral Wool, LLC as part of a trial and provided honest opinions. ©2023 Owens Corning. All Rights Reserved.

*Third-party growth trail in Aurora, Colorado. May 5, 2021.

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