We Love These Cannabis Gummies, Powders, Vapes, and Flowers

Cannabis & Tech Today works with the top PR agencies, events, and brands in the industry. As such, we get to try out a lot of cool innovations, products, and services, and wanted to take a moment to reflect on some of our favorites from the past twelve months. 

This is far from a complete list, but here are a few thoughts on some of the products we really liked. Hopefully, you will too.

Also, most of this comes from Colorado so you may not have these brands where you are. Let us know what some of your favorites are and for goodness sake — send us some samples. We will check them out and report back in our next “Best Of” list.

Best Gummies 

We like gummies a lot. Portable, tasty, and consistent (just don’t leave them in a hot car). The live-rosin options are supreme and we have to give the nod to a couple of brands.

Dialed In … Gummies have some slick packaging and offer that full spectrum feeling where you get all the cannabinoids and goodies from the plant, not just the THC. Plus, they have a great QR code so you can see exactly where it’s all sourced. 

Speaking of QR codes and packing a nice punch, TasteBudz rosin gummies are well worth checking out as they are made with live rosin extracted in-house.

Also, we are big fans of the Wana Tropical Smoothie Live Rosin Gummy. It is a women-owned company with a reputation for quality.

You can’t go wrong with the flavor and natural ingredients of the WYLD sativa gummies. They are delicious and we would eat them even if they were just plain old gummies. 

Best Chew

These are not your grandfather’s Cheeba Chews anymore. We checked out their facility — the brand is dedicated to quality and innovation and it shows in Cheeba’s new line of Chocolate Taffy CBH:THC Sleepy Chews. If you need help going to sleep, these are the answer. 

Want the opposite of sleep? If a mocha-flavored energy boost is your thing, the THCV-charged Mocha Chocolate is portable, perfect, and won’t melt in your pocket like a gummy might. Also, the live rosin flavors are delicious and naturally sourced, so not a lot of fillers and junk. 

Best Powder 

We are super stoked to report Ripple is still the leader in portable powder. The company continues to innovate with new products like live rosin QuickSticks you put right on your tongue.

The brand also offers formulations for sleep, energy, pain relief, and just pure THC. All varieties are easy to carry with you and mix into your beverage of choice or sprinkle on a snack.

Best Flower(s)  

Veritas has a tremendous line of flower that is flavorful and potent and just oozes ultra-premium buds. They even have a super clever terpene pairing with Oskar Blues Brewery and it truly is a match made in heaven.

Veritas Forbidden Melonz

Garcia Hand Picked is another brand of amazing flower that we were really pleased with from the way it smoked to the pleasure it brought us after.

Garcia Love in the Afternoon

Finally, Native Roots has an Onyx Label line that also makes us feel like we are busting out the good stuff when we want to celebrate with friends. 

Best Drops  

Select Squeeze makes a line of THC drops you can splash directly into your water or favorite beverage.

They are portable and potable so you can control dose and flavor based on what you are trying to accomplish in your beverage. Discreet and the results are legit — we really dig these. 

Best Vape 

Pax is like the Tesla of vapes and now they have a line of fresh small-batch Live Rosin carts that work with the Pax Era and Era Pro. These are easy to use, just like we like it, and the live rosin is as close to perfect as we have found.

These things are potent and very tasty with the whole-plant flavor and being strain specific you can get your desired feels with the style and sleek design that comes from a name like PAX.

The only issue we had was the live rosin pods eventually gummed up and clogged the pen so you need to make sure you keep it clean. 

Best Smoking Devices 

We have two here and it should come as no surprise to the avid reader of Cannabis & Tech Today — they are super high-tech. Hitoki Trident Laser Inhaler is straight out of Star Wars.

It literally uses a laser to fire up your flower and makes it easy and fun to draw nicely through its sleek mini-water bong design. This has the wow factor you are looking for and the quality you would expect.

Not to be outdone, another of our favs is Puffco’s Proxy Dry Herb Vaporizer Limited.

This is a sleek and sexy, easy-to-use portable modular vaporizer that can be configured for flower or wax and comes with all kinds of cool attachments to customize your gear.

This is truly a beauty and it smokes perfectly as one would expect. 

Best Cannabis Networking Event 

Lemonhaze is the epitome of a smoking-good time as far as golf experience with top-notch networking goes. Smart sponsors and golfer matchmaking by Brian Yauger and his team make this a turn-key experience that should be on top of your bucket list … if you can even get a playing position.

Don’t get us started on how nice the courses are and how much business you could get done by sponsoring or attending. 

Best Portable Pre-Roll Automation

Mini Rocket-Box Pre-Roll Machine looks like a droid from a sci-fi movie and performs just as admirably. Capable of perfectly filling 72 joints in under a minute, this bad-boy is a crowd favorite because of its durability, ease of use, and extreme output.

With the STM Canna one-tray workflow, you can seamlessly grind, fill, weigh, and close using the same top loader tray. It’s made in the U.S.A. and comes with client service after the sale.

This is the workhorse you need to fuel your pre-roll production. Did we mention they smoke evenly and produce nice crowns with the Atomic Closer? 

Best Cannabis Tech Magazine 

Duh…. Check out some of Cannabis & Tech Today’s past issues.


  • Charles Warner is the CEO of Innovative Properties Worldwide. IPW is a veteran-owned media company based in Denver, Colorado offering five award-winning publications including Innovation & Tech Today, Cannabis & Tech Today, Residential Tech Today, STEM Today, and Sustainability Today. For advertising opportunities, email

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