Top Cannabis Media Tips for Securing Press Placements

Since launching in 2015, Meet the Cannabis Press (MTCP) events have provided much-needed expert insights into the complex world of cannabis reporting.

Founded and hosted by public relations firm Proven Media, the traveling panels bring together some of the best cannabis journalists and editors for a thought-provoking Q&A session and dialogue with entrepreneurs and agencies looking for better coverage

Proven Media’s most recent panel was at the Lucky Leaf Expo in Minneapolis on April 26th. It was a timely event for attendees eager for the launch of retail sales in the North Star State.

Hosted by Kim Prince, Proven Media CEO and founder, and Sadie Thompson, vice president, the event covered the ins and outs of cannabis press coverage from those who know it best, including Kate Lavin of MJBizDaily, Rachelle Gordon of Greenstate, and Peter Callaghan of MinnPost

Here are our top three takeaways from the Minnesota MTCP panel:

Know What Makes A Good Story And Pitch 

Reporters deal with pitches all day, every day. It’s crucial to research the outlets being pitched to ensure that, first and foremost, the pitch is relevant and the story hasn’t been covered before. 

Those who pitch stories that would never realistically be covered by an outlet will earn a spot in the reporter’s trash folder. Story ideas should always be fresh, timely, and impactful, and pitches should always be intentional and relevant for the recipient.

Give Reporters The Whole Package 

Barring an unbeatable breaking news story, reporters don’t often have the time to track down photos, stats, and other information to accompany a story. Pitches should always come with high-quality images, contact information or quotes from sources, and any other information necessary for the story to run. 

Reporters who receive these assets in the first place are much more likely to run a story because they know they have what they need, including a reliable point of contact. 

Stay On Top Of The News, Especially In Emerging Markets

Stay on top of the news to stay ahead of the curve, especially in markets like Minnesota, where retail sales have yet to begin. 

Reporters want to publish timely and fresh stories, and those in emerging markets have a unique opportunity to be featured in news about rollouts, challenges, and new developments in the industry. Those who keep up with local and national industry news can get their pitches out to the press long before their competitors. 

The Future of Cannabis Press 

Those who follow our three takeaways and the other key insights from the latest MTCP event will position themselves for future success as they build trusted relationships with journalists. 

After hearing from journalists and attendees at the MTCP panel, it’s clear that this complex and highly regulated industry can greatly benefit from regular dialogue with the reporters who cover it. 

MTCP returns to the CWCB Expo in New York City on June 5th, 2024. The upcoming event will include expert reporters and outlets covering cannabis and mainstream news.

Photo by AbsolutVision on Unsplash


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