Truffly Made Compact Universal Depositor

The Ultimate Candy Making Companion: The Truffly Made Compact Universal 3L Depositor

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In the world of confectionery craftsmanship, precision and efficiency are key ingredients for success. Imagine a machine that not only expedites the candy-making process but also enhances the quality and uniformity of your confectionery creations. 

Here comes Truffly Made Compact Universal Depositor – perfect for confectioners seeking to increase their production.

Optimizing Candy Production

Truffly Made Compact Universal 3L Depositor

The Compact Universal 3L Candy Depositor features a digital control unit, offering precise temperature regulation from 70°F to 300°F. 

This level of control ensures optimal conditions for crafting a wide range of treats, from chocolates to gummies, ganache, caramel, and more. 

With a 3-liter/3.15-quart hopper capacity and four adjustable nozzles, the depositor is equipped to handle your production needs.

Versatile Compatibility

Designed to work with standard molds, including silicone and polycarbonate products, the Compact Universal Depositor offers wide versatility. 

Whether you’re using existing molds or customizing them to fit, this machine’s four adjustable nozzles can be easily positioned or removed to accommodate various mold layouts. The maximum mold size is 6.5 x 15 inches.

Precision and Flexibility

Truffly Made Compact Universal 3L Depositor

One of the features of the Compact Universal Depositor is its ability to deliver accurately metered fillings to the gram. 

This level of precision, combined with the flexibility to adjust shot size as needed, allows confectioners to achieve consistent results with every batch. 

Whether you’re making gelatin or pectin gummies or low heat ingredient candy, the Compact Depositor ensures uniformity in every piece.

Design and Reliability

Made with stainless steel construction and a POM case, the Compact Universal Depositor provides great durability and hygiene, while the heated pistons and hopper maintain optimal temperature and flow. With a guarantee of 12 months from the date of purchase, this German engineered depositor offers great reliability.

Truffly Made Compact Universal Depositor makes your work easy by simplifying manual filling processes and improving accuracy and consistency. Take advantage of this exclusive opportunity to purchase the Truffly made Compact Universal Depositor along with a set of 10 molds, all offered at a special price. 

Reach out to us at to secure this combo deal and elevate your confectionery production to new heights! Truffly Made: Truly the easiest way to make candies!


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