Sacramento Deep Sential cannabis surveillance

Sacramento Rolls Out Cannabis Dispensary Video Surveillance Mandate

Cannabis is an industry that involves a certain amount of risk. Banking and financing can be a challenge and growth can be unpredictable. Since cannabis is a highly sought after asset, theft and robbery are also risks for dispensaries. To help mitigate this risk, Sacramento, California, is mandating that cannabis dispensaries in the downtown area install video surveillance systems. 

As a result, it has become a proving ground for the Deep Sentinel system.

Many retailers are using Deep Sentinel video security, which has live guards monitoring the screens 24/7 to audibly intercept perpetrators — who run away when they hear the firm voices of trained security guards.

Out of 30 downtown cannabis businesses, 10 have already installed Deep Sentinel systems with more looking to install the DS system in the coming weeks. 

The city of Sacramento and their Office of Cannabis Management (OCM) has launched a program requiring cannabis dispensaries to install video surveillance. OCM is offering up to $4,000 in rebates for qualifying systems. 

The rebate is available through the state’s Department of Cannabis Control (DCC) and must be installed by registered installers.

The city of Sacramento stated systems must be installed by a credentialled vendor who holds a certification as a Private Patrol Operator (PPO), Alarm Company Operator (ACO), American Society for Industrial Security (ASIS), or equivalent certification.  

AI and Live Security Guard Monitoring

Deep Sentinel security systems combine AI with the live guard monitoring to intervene in a crime in real-time, as opposed to recording video of the crime for later use by law enforcement. 

The AI system identifies when activity is threatening or questionable and immediately alerts a live security professional to interfere with the perpetrator via two-way communication.

According to Deep Sentinel, in most instances, the system will prevent the crime from taking place and scare the perpetrators away.

The Deep Sentinel system was developed by Silicon Valley entrepreneur David Selinger, who previously co-founded online real estate brokerage Redfin and served as CTO. 

Several years ago, Selinger learned about a home invasion that took place near his home and decided to develop a new, highly effective security system to ensure a similar event would never occur in his own residence. 

Selinger also helped Amazon‘s Jeff Bezos develop customer behavior systems for Amazon’s product recommendations years ago, leading Bezos to become an investor in Deep Sentinel. 

If the new mandates in Sacramento are any indication of what’s to come for other legalized states, Deep Sentinel may soon roll out in cities across America.

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