How Purple Unicorn is Creating PR Magic at MJBizCon 2019

Whether you’re a cannabis product, a compliant software, an ancillary service, or anything in between, you must innovate to make your brand shine. There’s ample space within the industry to get creative and even more opportunity to collaborate with those who consider it their forte.

purple unicornTake Purple Unicorn, for example. Not your ordinary public relations firm, Purple Unicorn’s disruptive PR model (with baked-in influencer marketing) is specifically designed for the cannabis industry.

Although somewhat traditional at its core, Purple Unicorn’s services are transparent and customizable for cannabis companies of any size. Working to innovate in the space, the team has spent the last few months building partnerships with tech-centric companies to explore new routes of exposure for their clients and the cannabis community.

“We’ve lined up strategic partnerships with some pretty incredible companies,” says CEO, Justin Dada. “We want to take traditional public relations to the next level with influencer and experiential marketing. Our goal is to leverage our partnerships with technology in order to offer our clients a unique experience, not just PR.”

In gearing up for MJBizCon 2019 in Las Vegas, which brought in over 20,000 attendees last year, Dada’s team has partnered with AR-t and KindTyme to transform their clients’ exposure at this year’s event into a surreal visual experience equipped with a mobile advertising LED truck running the strip.

AR-t media is a global augmented reality (AR) creative media agency built by a mix of Snap “Official Lens Creators” (OLC’s), Facebook consultants, and media strategists who are reshaping how brands communicate. Partners of AR-t media experience unparalleled brand exposure, engagement, and adoption through first-to-market campaigns and tactical execution. Augmented reality and cannabis aren’t typically seen side-by-side, but it’s pretty clear that they complement each other.

“Augmented reality is no longer a product of novel experimentation. Backed by social networks such as Snap and Instagram, a proper AR strategy will not only add value to your customer’s experience but will also spread like wildfire through key communities on social media,” explained Rob McCarty, CEO AR-t Media.

KindTyme is a small creative powerhouse focused on building big experiences for cannabis brands and their customers. Specialized in branding, packaging, web design, animation, 3D, photography, video, and advertising, KindTyme’s award-winning team helps brands grab attention and maximize growth potential in the highly competitive, rapidly growing industry. With cannabis advertising on the rise, KindTyme’s creative approach to strategy has certainly made them stand-out as a definitive cannabis marketing force.

When you bring fresh marketing strategy, state-of-the-art technology, brands with a pivotal message, and the support of the cannabis community together, you have a look at what makes the cannabis industry shine. There are seemingly unlimited possibilities to the power of tech and cannabis, and you can catch some of them at this year’s MJBizCon 2019.


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