Presenting the Cannabis & Tech Today 2019 Sustainable Leadership Award Winners!

The cannabis industry and its ancillaries are in a unique position to become sustainable leaders. At Cannabis & Tech Today, our goal is to shine a light on those companies going above and beyond to be stewards of the environment, updating old technology and innovating new in order to make the industry run more efficiently. From sustainable growing practices to eco-friendly packaging, there are companies perfecting every step of the cannabis life cycle.

We are very excited to announce the winners of the Cannabis & Tech Today Sustainable Leadership Awards, recognizing the eco-conscious leaders of this burgeoning cannabis industry. In partnership with STM Canna and CRATIV Packaging, we chose 6 winners across 6 categories: Energy, Water, Packaging, Innovation, Event, Stewardship.

The Cannabis & Tech Today Sustainable Leadership Awards were officially presented in Las Vegas at MJBizCon 2019 (Photo Credit: Cannabis LAB)

Hydrologic – Water

For their invention of the automated Reclaimed Condensate System, which helps facilities reclaim up to 80% of their irrigation input water volume, Hydrologic was presented with the Cannabis & Tech Today Sustainable Leadership Award for Water Usage. With their new automation technology, Hydrologic is helping the cannabis growers use water much more efficiently.

LumiGrow – Energy

LumiGrow’s invention of the smartPAR system, which uses predictive analysis to accurately achieve Daily Light Integral, creates a much more energy efficient solution that traditional on/off threshold sensor control. For this, we chose LumiGrow as the winner of the Cannabis & Tech Today Sustainable Leadership Award for Energy Efficiency.


Sana Packaging – Packaging

Sana Packaging utilizes plant-based hemp and reclaimed ocean plastic in their packaging, and the result so far has been the removal of 16 tons of plastic waste from the ocean. With a direct impact like that, we were very excited to present Sana Packaging with the Cannabis & Tech Today Sustainable Leadership Award for Packagin.

Polyscience – Innovation

Polyscience won the Cannabis & Tech Today Sustainable Leadership Award for Innovation for their development of the DuraChill line of industrial chillers, with self-changing air filters. The DuraChill line has reduced global warming potential by using an advanced refrigeration system that requires less refrigerant.

Cannabis LAB – Event

As an event that brings together cannabis leaders for the promotion, education, and advocacy of best sustainable business practices, with the goal of creating ambassadors for the industry for a better future, Cannabis LAB was worthy of the Cannabis & Tech Today Sustainable Leadership Award for the Event category.

Kalvara – Stewardship

Last but surely not least, we are happy to present Kalvara with the Cannabis & Tech Today Sustainable Leadership Award for Stewardship, for their work in reducing plastic waste both within and without the cannabis industry, collaborating with other organizations to spread awareness and action to make a measurable impact in plastic waste reduction.


  • Alex Moersen is an Associate Editor at Cannabis & Tech Today, covering pop culture, science and technology, business, legislation, and much more. Twitter: @yaboii_shanoo

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