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In the cannabis industry, the math is simple: If your chiller is down, you’re not making money. Our award-winning DuraChill chiller was built with the cannabis industry in mind, with patented technology and innovative environmentally friendly features, providing safe and precise temperature control.

For over 50 years, PolyScience has been the leader in developing the latest innovations, high quality, precise temperature control and as the cannabis industry continues to grow, we are there to deliver the trusted equipment that will help deliver the results that cannabis professionals need to be successful.

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Cannabis Tech Talks was crowned Best Niche Podcast during the 2020 Nichee Awards Ceremony. Find out for yourself why we took the inaugural category title by listening to any of the episodes in our growing library.

Along with your host Editor-in-Chief, Charles Warner; Elizabeth Browde, COO of 420MEDIA discusses her latest venture: A New Cannabis Channel. There’s considerable buzz around cannabis but there’s still too much fear and stigma. Browde’s channel dispels the myths and dives into the science behind the therapeutic and widely misunderstood plant. Today's episode of Cannabis & Tech Talks is brought to you by Rad Source | Cannabis Decontamination View their lineup of products at
Cannabis is a fickle plant. Whether it’s mold, mildew, or pests, there are plenty of opportunities for costly pathogens to contaminate a crop. In this episode, C&T Today Managing Editor Patricia Miller speaks with Rad Source Executive Vice President George Terry and Head of Research & Development Dr. Justin Czerniawski to learn the ins and outs of cannabis remediation. What are some common solutions and is there a way to avoid remediation all together?  This episode of Cannabis & Tech Talks is brought to you by Fluence By Osram | All for Light & Life Learn more about fluence and their premium lighting devices at
On today’s podcast, your host Charles Warner, and Cannabis & Tech Today Managing Editor Patricia Miller interview a real OG of Hollywood -- Jim Belushi, who has recently made his way into headlines and onto television screens with his foray into cannabis, the 93-acre Belushi Farms, and his hit new show on the Discovery channel Growing Belushi. Jim shares how he chose some of his strains from legends like Captain Jack with “the Smell of SNL,” and what direction he sees cannabis heading next. You don’t want to miss this hilarious, informative, special episode of Cannabis Tech Talks.
Welcome back to another episode of Cannabis Tech Talks. On today’s show, Cannabis & Tech Today Managing Editor Patricia Miller is talking to Shawn Cutter, CEO of dispensary screen & signage company GreenScreens. Not only does GreenScreens provide high-quality menu boards and screens, they provide an ecosystem that integrates with P.O.S. systems to help educate and inform retail customers. Shoppers know immediately which products are in-stock and information about that product is displayed based on real-time in-store data. To learn more about GreenScreens, ShawnCutter, and the services they offer, go to:  Today’s episode is brought to you by RadSource | Cannabis Decontamination Systems, Irradiators & More. Visit today.
On this episode of Cannabis Tech Talks, your host, editor-in-chief & Army veteran Charles Warner, interviews 2 ex-marine raiders, Bryan Buckley, CEO/Founder, and Matt Curran, CoFounder and COO of Helmand Valley Growers Company. HVGC was conceived from the stresses of battle, to help everyone battling day-to-day life, they are on a mission to help put an end to the opioid and suicide epidemic plaguing our Nation’s Heroes. Founded and operated by 3 marine special forces members, HVGC puts a military mindset behind their products and procedures to operate with extreme precision.  Learn more about Helmand Valley Growers Company go to Today’s episode is brought to you by Urban-Gro | Leading Engineering & Design Services Company that integrates complex equipment systems into high-performance indoor crop production. Shop their variety of products go to –
On this episode of Cannabis Tech Talks, your host and Managing Editor of Cannabis & Tech Today Patricia Miller sits down with Chief Operating Officer David Baetens & Chief Designer and Engineer Denis Buj of Spinner Grow – a modular growing chamber for the simplified growing experience. The Spinner smart growing device that controls every aspect of your operations, from lighting, to water, to temperature control, With Spinner Each chamber spins to ensure plant consistency each and every harvest. The patented dual air zone design allows for complete climate control and monitoring to maximize your grow and eliminate burning. Learn more about Spinner Grow & Order today visit – Today’s episode of Cannabis Tech Talks is brought to you by Fluence by Osram – Lighting Technologies for Industrial Crop Productions learn more at –
On this episode of Cannabis Tech Talks, your host and Editor-in-Chief of Cannabis & Tech Today Charles Warner  is joined by cannabis activist & industry pioneer Andrew DeAngelo. DeAngelo shares how he launched one of the first legal cannabis dispensaries in the world, Harborside in Oakland, CA, with his brother and cannabis revolutionary Steve DeAngelo. Together, they conceived and implemented many cannabis industry standards, such as lab testing and child-safe packaging.  He shares his experience as an activist for patient rights and details how everyone can get involved with one of his current projects: The Last Prisoner Project. The non-profit works to redress the past and continuing harms of unjust imprisonments for non-violent cannabis offenders. LPP was founded out of the belief that if anyone is able to profit and build wealth in the legal cannabis industry, those individuals must also work to release and rebuild the lives of those who have suffered from cannabis criminalization. The Last Prisoner Project is a social impact partner for the Emerge Virtual Cannabis Conference. Find out more about how you can help. Visit: This episode of Cannabis Tech Talks is brought to you by: Fluence by Osram – state of the art lighting for the cannabis and commercial crop industries.  Find out more, visit:
On today's episode of Cannabis Tech Talks, your host and Editor-in-Chief of Cannabis & Tech Today, Charles Warner interviews President & CEO of ACS Laboratory Roger Brown, the largest cannabis & hemp testing facility in the eastern half of the United States. Brown tells the story of how ACS Laboratory came up in the cannabis scene by being on the cutting edge of scientific process' and certifications. As a clinical laboratory they were able to operate at a higher level of proficiency which helped them stand out among their competitors. ACS Laboratory is designated by the Florida Department of Agriculture to field-select hemp for testing in the State of Florida.  To learn more about ACS Laboratory go to  Today's broadcast is brought to you by CannaTrac | Cannabis Business Ecosystems, to find out more, go to –
On this episode of Cannabis Tech Talks, Managing Editor Patrica Miller interviews Julian Marley, grammy-nominated reggae musician, humanitarian, and son of the legendary Bob Marley. The two discuss Marley’s views on cannabis, the role it plays in his spirituality, and how CBD eased his daughter’s suffering during her battle with brain cancer.  Julian Marley's new line of CBD Products: JuJu Royal Ultra Premium CBD Products, bring the healing energy of cannabinoids to you – find out more at Sponsored by Emerald Scientific – Scientific & Laboratory Supplies for the Cannabis Industry –    
In today's episode of Cannabis Tech Talks, Managing Editor Patricia Miller learns how augmented reality, influencer marketing, and direct-to-customer connections are revolutionizing the world of cannabis marketing. Head of Marketing for Daily High Club Elizabeth Whiting and Chief Marketing Office of Philter Labs Inc. Amanda Byrd shares how they’re increasing engagement and building a loyal customer base with high-tech marketing strategies.  Find out more about Philter Labs Inc. & Daily High Club:  & Today's episode is brought to you by Fluence by Osram – Lighting & Technology for commercial crops and cannabis grows. Visit: