It’s an exciting time for Pete Holmes as Hollywood is recovering from the limitations of the pandemic. Before his current place in the world of comedy was cemented, Pete Holmes starred in CollegeHumor’s beloved web series Badman, a Batman-spoof depicting a socially-awkward caped crusader in some of his less heroic moments. He’s since headlined several hour-long stand-up specials, Dirty Clean, Faces and Sounds, and Nice Try, The Devil! 

His 2017 HBO series Crashing, while short-lived, drew critical acclaim for its endearing, funny, and candid look into the life of an aspiring stand-up comic. His first book, Comedy Sex God, debuted in 2019. A blend of autobiography, philosophical inquiry, and spiritual awakening, the book delivers an engaging, uplifting look at his journey from performing in small-town churches to finding his footing in New York’s comedy scene. In this interview, Holmes shares his take on psychedelics, spirituality, and the progression of his career in comedy.

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